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Upshift Hesitation Normal?


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I agree with you guys. I also notice a lot of things that come up with my RX330. I always drive it without the sounds system on. My dealership drives it around a neighborhood (with bumps), and say it's normal. To my opinion, they need to really drive it to get a good feel of it. I don't know if they'll want to tell you something, if they hear something different. Especially, if the car is still under warranty. I don't think they want to fix things for free, unless, you bring it up to them.

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That makes no sense at all ... the dealership is paid by Lexus to do warranty work, so (re-purchase consideration aside) they'd like to do as much warranty work as possible. I think it's just an issue that most involved with Lexus have decided to downplay in the hopes of making it seem like less of a problem. The salesman I talked to knew exactly what I was talking to when he asked how I was liking my RX and I mentioned it.

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