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  1. The RX has its own underpinnings now ... the Highlander, Camry, and RX used to share the same platform, but now the RX has its own.
  2. Yes, there's an iPod connection ... it's in the middle console and there's a nice little space where you can thread the cord through to tidy everything up towards the front of the console so it looks all tidy.
  3. It is the same wheelbase as the Prius and based on the Prius underpinnings, but it is longer and a bit wider and not as tall. Here are some exterior dimension comparisons ... Wheelbase: Prius -- 106.3 HS 250h -- 106.3 Lexus IS -- 107.5 Camry Hybrid -- 109.3 Height: Prius -- 67.9 HS 250h -- 59.3 Lexus IS -- 70.9 Camry Hybrid -- 71.7 Length: Prius -- 175.0 HS 250h -- 184.8 Lexus IS -- 180.3 Camry Hybrid -- 189.2 Width: Prius -- 67.9 HS 250h -- 70.3 Lexus IS -- 70.9 Camry Hybrid -- 71.7 -------------------------------------------- This might just be "right-sized" for me personally ... a little wider and a bit longer than the Prius while riding on the same wheelbase. I would imagine EPA estimates a bit above the Camry Hybrid, but not near the Prius ... size increases and tech increases will add to the weight, plus it uses the 2.4L engine ... however it will "heat up" quicker similar to the new RX 450h which helped increase the RX hybrid's fuel economy 8% over the old RX while increasing the engine size. I will be interested to check one out personally ... sounds like late summer 2009. One issue is it's not a hatchback ... I would imagine the trunk will be a decent size as they've probably figured out a better place to store the batteries with the new design (stand-alone) over something like the Camry Hybrid.
  5. This is the one option I miss the most since trading in my RX330 for an Acura MDX.
  6. Wonder if there are any minor options added (mp3 input FINALLY!?!?!?!)? This early release of the '09s means the new one ('10 complete re-design) will likely come out one year or so from the '09 release ... or maybe that April (of '09).
  7. Lexus rarely sends out the RX 350 or the RX 400h with Levinson, but it is available by special order and that's about it ... just like their response. I wonder what the reasoning is why they don't send it out on cars more often?
  8. Both of your guys' numbers are FAR from the norm ... that being said, it is attainable but not for MOST people.
  9. You do know that the 07 Highlander and RX are pretty much the exact same car underneath and thus the same size, right? I don't blame you on the styling comment though ... the Highlander is just too plain for my liking. All the above being said ... you will only get about 5mpg better with an RX hybrid over a gas-powered RX (less if you are doing mostly highway/interstate driving) ... it just doesn't make sense financially to buy a 400h over the RX 350 given the gas savings PLUS the fact you will not get nearly as much off of the 400h compared to the 350. However, some people are willing to pay more for any reduced emissions and quiets stops at lights. The transmission is probably smoother as well. I was REALLY close to getting a 400h, but in the end I couldn't warrant it b/c a lot of my miles are on the highway. Doesn't mean I made the right choice though. Sounds like the new '08 Highlander Hybrids won't be out until near Thanksgiving.
  10. just letting you folks know ...
  11. April of '08 is the expected arrival of the 2009 gas-powered RX.
  12. Note that adjusted real world Fuel Economy is ... 400h -- 27 city, 25 highway 350 -- 17 city, 22 highway
  13. IF they do make an '08 RX 400h (which I believe they will) they may just keep it through the early introduction of the new gas-powered RX line that comes out in April 2008 and bring out the hybrid that fall ... just a thought?