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Any1 Knows Formula To Calculate Finance Payments?


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hey guys, i'm getting a new car and i wonder if any1 knows the formula

how to calculate the monthly payments,

i want to get a civic for 16342$

the apr is 2.9%

state tax here 8.75%

i want to put 5k down

what would be my payments for 36,48 and 60 months terms?

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thank you very much for your quick reply, already went to the dealer in NJ

and they are givin me 240$ for the 60 month term

gonna try to fight it at least to 235:)

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Dont fight on the payments as much as get the actual price to where you want it, if you negotiate on the payments they can add profit places and hide it from you. Always read over all the numbers before you sign, twice and add them up yourself with a calculator.

I use their calculator: www.peoplefirst.com

You're not trading the LS are you?

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unlited:a guy at work told me today about the delaership, thats the only delaership that got discounts for the computer associates employees which i'm so i might get few hundres off the price. i will give the huntington a chanse:)

SWO of course i'm not trading an LS, i'm givin it to my dad:) i was about to get a GS but decided not to since i'm doing 120 miles on a daily commute and considering the gas prices ihere in NY i'm spending 450-500$ on gas plus i dont wanna put so many miles on the lex, thats why i'm gettin myself a civic with the insurance and payments and gas for civic its gonna be same amount of money that i spent on gas for lexus:)

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he guys, after careful consideration i decided to buy a used civic, not a new one, since in 2-3 years they loose most of their value

new civic ex is 17k while 2001 civic is only 7

not worith gettin a newone

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i did and i still have it, but my gf drives it, now i have to do a 55 miles drive to work each way, so doing 110 miles a day on a lex is a lil pricey, so i need another civic for myself now to commute to work:)

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