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Blower Motor Problem

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:cries: My blower fan has suddenly decided to take a vacation & only run on low speed. One mechanic told me to replace the blower motor resistor ($27); another advised replacing the blower motor controller and panel controller ($1,000.00). I got disgusted with both of them & took the dash apart by myself. I've got the blower motor out, but can't find where the resistor is located. I'd rather replace that first, since it's the least expensive option. I'm trying to use Camry diagrams that I talked the Toyota mechanic out of - to no avail! I need help fast - it's over 80 here in Florida.....!!!

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I ran the diagnostic as you suggested. It first said "21", paused, & then it started to cycle through the numbers starting at 1, changing the hvac & intake settings as it progressed up to 8, at which time I shut it off. What in the heck was it doing? Was it OK to run the diagnostic with the fan motor out of it's housing??

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1997-2001 the blower controller is next the the gas pedal. Pull down the carpet and you'll see a connector next to the cabin filter door. You will have to unbolt the gas pedal from the firewall to remove the contoller out of the evaporater case.

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