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Can you use a grinder in order to polish your car if you exchange out the heads? or is this not even possible?  I have been looking at dewalt, hitachi, etc.. a constant 10,000 rpm..too many rpm's?

too much?


p.s.- this should be in the detail section of the site.

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And yes, the Porter Cable is ACTUALLY a sander ;)

And it doesnt make sense to buy a dangerous buffer when you're on a budget, the repaint you'll need to do when you burn through the paint will be as much as 30 times what the PC costs...

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yes, i saw the same exact model that was used for the polisher, except it had a grinder head on it. $99 at lowes, but they were sold out, or didnt carry it. I was originally going to get that . wait.....what about a belt sander? lol

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But you told me up there that it wasn't a rotary polisher...

A very dangerous art that shouldn't be learned on a car that you care about. Be careful, a pause on the wrong area for an instant and that thing will burn straight through to the metal.

Be sure you know what you have and how to properly use it. You wanted something at 10,000 RPMs...well car polishing is done between 1000-2000

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