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Question About The Line Level Converters


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hey dudes, I have a quick question. I read in SK's faq about using a line level converter on the stock system since it doesn't have any RCA outputs in the back. I was wondering if these are what he was talking about:




If they are, how exactly are those installed? It sounds like they run off of the speaker wires?

Also just out of curiosity, I was wondering if I can add an aftermarket CD changer that can play mp3's. I saw some universal ones that play off the FM channel on the radio, but I was wondering if they were worth it or not? Are they CD quality or do they sound all fuzzy like the radio?


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Yeah, LOC's (line output converters) are made for headunits without preouts. Just run them off of your speaker wires from the back of the headunit to the amp.

If it's transmitted through a radio wave you're definitely going to lose some sound quality.

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But for the most part, the FM modulated CD changers are not half bad ( I have one in my ES with the stock head unit). One thing about the ES's stereo setup though is that it only goes into full-fidelity when you play a cassette or have the stock CD changer; my mom's 96 has the factory changer and it's louder than mine, but far as clarity goes, no complaints from me. Mine's an Alpine BTW but it came out before the days of MP3's...

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The first one is a basic line impedance speaker output, it is pure garbage( sorry to offend the many people who have them)

The second one is more like what i had and might be better but i don;t know them .

I still have my old ones actually for some reason.

But for that price i doubt it sounds any good since i paid $250 each for mine and it really sounds as good as an rca could from a speaker output.

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when you say they're pure garbage, what do you mean by that? do they pop and hiss through the speakers or what? I'll be adding an amp to power a couple of subs so sound clarity isn't exactly my highest priority. just as long as the subs know when to pound, that's good enough for me :)

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