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My black driver's seat was recently vandalized (slashed with a knife), To compound the problem, the seat heater is not working and the electric adjusters sticks.(both previous problems prior to vandals).

I thought I would replace the complete seat and have not been able to find one. The parts on line have not gotten back to me.

Any help?

1998 es300 owner-:(

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Call the people @ this website:


Perhaps they might have a black seat for you to replace. I'm assuming shipping on the seats r going to be pretty costly. Especially since it needs to go to Canada. I don't even know where Pei Canada is. Unless it's short for Winnipeg, but then again it doesn't end with a pei.

Perhaps SK might be able to help you locate a junkyard or a store where you can get your leather fix. They do have kits online to fix the leather, n there r stores where you can send your seats to. But you want the seat warmer to work too rite?

All i can suggest is to call the junkyard @ taprecycling n ask for a quote and how much shipping is to you. If it turns out too costly, go to yahoo.com n use their yellowpages and look up junkyards or leather repair shops around your area. If there isn't in your area, locate one from a city nearby.

Worse comes to worse, you find a leather repair shop and have them patch it up and find an mechanic to find out why the seat warmer doesn't work.

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PEI = Prince Edward Island. go look at a map, it is in the top right hand corner up by Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Absolutely beautiful area.


what about insurance. Won't they pay for repair and reupholstery or total replacement?

you could also try www.car-parts.com


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Oh... if you said Prince Edward Island.. i know exactly where it is... it just didn't dawn on me that the abbreviation stood for that. Cause Canada is a HUGE country, to me PEI could b anywhere since the only place i've been to was only Toronto, Quebec City, Montreal, Vancouver (BC), n the Canadian Rockies.

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tap will not ship to Canada ( don;t ask me why)

it is easier and cheaper to get the old ones reupholstered with either inserts or total new leather or suede for much less than new seats.

Although i did get a set of G35 seats which i will be monkying around with

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Did you try to call the Lexus dealer that's on the east coast? I think the only Lexus dealer down east is in Halifax NS, but perhaps a phone call to the parts manager might be of help with some suggestions or answers. My only other idea would be to locate a salvage ES with your interior colour at an auto wrecker. Good Luck. B)


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