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Sc430 - Local Dealer Won't Negotiate

Ragtop Girl

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Brand new member - glad to find you. I have a 92 SC300 that I've owned since it was new and am ready to go for a new (or slightly used) SC 430. I live in a small town with just one dealer and they will not negotiate on the new SCs. Is this pretty standard around the country right now or would I be better off contacting dealers in larger cities. I'm 175 miles from Atlanta and will be visiting Florida next month on vacation (I'm not in a hurry) and thought I might find a larger market more competitive. Any experience you can share would be appreciated.

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From selling cars for a while I can tell you, wait untill the worst cars sales months (Jan + Feb). Plus go right at the end of the month, when the sales manager will be trying to get his "numbers" in...you'll be suprised how far most dealers will move on a car when things are lean.

Also, you mentioned Atlanta and Flordia...IF you are planning to travel anywhere that has a REAL winter. Buy your SC430 there. In the afore mentioned months most cold climate dealers won't be able to GIVE AWAY a $50k RWD convertible. ;)

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I bought a 2002 SC430 in Tampa last March. My experience was that no one wanted to negotiate much on price. I offered $50,000 for a 2002 that was listed at $52750, and the dealer refused and let me walk out. The very next day, I found one on eBay that was being listed by a Suburu dealer in Tampa, and picked it up for $46900. This one was in much better shape, although it had a little more mileage. If you want a used SC430 and you don't want to spend a bundle, watch on eBay. I watched for about three months before I found the color, mileage, price, etc. that I was looking for but it was well worth it. Many dealers will get these cars as trade-ins and some (in the case of the Suburu dealership in Tampa) will basically take wholesale for it in order to clear their inventory of a vehicle their patrons simply are not looking for.


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