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Heavy Vibration


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Wondering if you could help me narrow the search on a vibration that I'm getting. I have 155k on my '92. When I bought the car with 55k dealer replaced control arms and upper/lower ball joints. Car has new inner/outer tie rods, new motor and trans mounts, recent rotors and pads and tires balanced. When I hit the brake at higher speed, I get a heavy vibration throughout the car which even causes the shifter to vibrate. I'm thinking it's something in the suspension (front struts are new as well) and forgot to mention that the driveshaft was replaced at 100k too. I thought I saw a post somewhere that suspension bushings in the rear can cause the symptoms I feel. Any thoughts ? Carrier bushings maybe ?



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I also had that problem and believe it or not it ended up being my brand new rotors that were slightly warped. You may want to have them resurfaced. My rotors were new and were warped so you never know. Good luck

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Agree with em91 on the rotors........

Also recheck the balance on all tires and check for roundness. The tire shop can do this easily... it is not uncommon for them to miss 1 or 2 wheels to be slightly out of balance / round. When you hit the brakes with a wobbly rotor, a slightly out of balance tire can exaggerate the problem.

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Yeah it is fairly likely to be your tires. A lot of tires square up after relatively low miles. You might try switching the front to the back and see if that has any effect. My truck had a vibration, I did that and it is gone.

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I had a 90 with 150kmi on it until i figured out the source of the pulsating braking vibration. It is not the rotors. It is the rear carrier bushing. Jack up the rear of the car with the wheels free. take the wheel off and get a 17mm(if memory serves me right) and grasp one of the bolts that holds the caliper to the hub. Move it as if you are tightening or loosening the bolt and you will see that one of the bushings on the arm that goes from the chassis backwards to the hub will have play. There are replacement bushings out there. but you will have to push the old one out with a press or something. Otherwise just buy the whole suspension arm and replace it. everything will be all good.


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Possible things that could cause the vibration...

-tires not balanced correctly

-warped rotors

-worn bushings

I think you have some worn out bushings, it's very common with LS's around the milage you have. Take the wheels off and check to see if anything wiggles around. If so then you probably need new bushings. I've got a tutorial for rear carrier bushings on my site.

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