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1992 Es300


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I have a 1992 ES 300 with 115,000 miles. A friend is planning on changing my front breaks tomorrow. I called a few auto supply places and there seems like a million choices for breaks. Pep Boys has two, both manufactured by Rabestos, one they said is "good" for $38 the other "better" for $51. I think the $38 breaks were "premium semi metalic pads", what ever that means. I think they also had "premium organic pads" for $37.

Strauss had Bosch ceramic for $55.

Auto Zone had a brand I never heard of, ceramic for $36 and carbon metallic for $32.

I only put in approxiamtely 10,000 miles per year, but most of thet is city driving. My current breaks tend to squeak quite a bit. I am not a car buff. I start it in the morning, change the oil every few thousand miles and watch the tire air pressure. That's about it. I would appreciate a recommendation on which breaks to purchase so I can add stopping to my list. Thanks much.

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if you like the quiet and no dust, go with Toyota OEM.

semi-metallic and metallic will squeal when very light pressure is put on the pedal and then goes away when you step on the pedal. These will last a long time.

Organic are good, expensive, last a long time but wear the rotor down faster.


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I replied to someone with this question not too long ago. :blink: But here's my suggestion. I would go with the Ceramic Pads. Factory suggests them. I went to Advanced Auto Parts in my area (It's like AUTOZONE... but better ;) ) when they looked in the computer... the computer EVEN suggests to go with Ceramic cause factory told them to go with it.

The semi metallic... will drive some people nuts because of the squeal :chairshot: . Not to mention the asbestos brake dusts u get. It makes the wheels look dirty within a couple of weeks.

If you go with the Bosch Ceramic... i'd tell u to just forget it since it's $55 then plus Tax. If you go to:


they have ur pads that you want for only $45 and they are FACTORY pads. Since it's a 92, it's just like mine. As a matter of fact i was going to buy it today too. Here is the EXACT link to the 92 stuff.


I don't know if you want the front or the rear pads. Irontoad is a genuine lexus parts dealer. So if you have any parts you want, you can always get it from them. Plus they sell it cheaper :lol: which is good for most of us. If you dont' want to wait that long... u can always go to the TOYOTA dealer, and they can get the pads for you too. I think they should have it stocked, but don't quote me on that. :P

Well good luck. B)

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