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  1. It was really no clunker to me either. These were the circumstances. While I took good care of the car since 1992 and it only has 150,000 miles, it was getting tired. Many small issues like the radio did not work, the dashboard lights were completely out, constant issues with the ABS (maybe not so small), the leather seats were not in good shape and so on. Then there was the bigger issue of bad oil leaks. I was loosing about a quart of oil per month, it was messy and every time I would stop at a light the oil leaking from the valve cover (and other places) would drip on the engine and burn of
  2. Well, tomorrow is the big day and I am sad already :cries: I cleaned out the car today and even came across the original sticker and bill of sale. I am have a difficult time throwing them out. And, then there is the "1992 Lexus Owner's Manual", 1992 Lexus Owner's Guide" and "Owner's Guide Supplement", all in absolutely perfect condition. Even the black leather case housing these manuals looks like it never has been touched and inside I found a green colored tag saying "Genuine Leather", with cleaning instructions in English, French and Japanese. I should try auctioning this on ebay ;)
  3. I apologize if this topic was covered before. Does anyone know if a 1992 Es 300 with automatic transmission qualifies for the Cash For Clunkers' program? The reason I ask is because Edmund's does not have it listed as qualifying. But yet "CARS" does have it qualifying.!Removed!/CarsResult1...n=1&id=8902 I also see that "CARS" indicates the 1992 Es 300 with manual transmission does NOT qualify!Removed!/CarsResult1...n=1&id=8903 What I am starting to think is Edmu
  4. Thanks again for all the help :-) I figured that anything that could POSSIBLY stop a leak could not be good for the other components, but I also figured there was nothing to loose. If it holds for a while, hopefully it will not gum up my heater core. It's getting cold! I did drive the 1995 Lincoln yesterday (The Shark). It has 105,000 original miles and a new engine, suspension and tires with only a few thousand. The interior and exterior are in outstanding condition. Truely a car driven by an "old lady". The blue book on it is about $2,500 and I think I could get it for $2,000. I don't like
  5. Good morning guys, blk_on_blk, I will try to address you comments and answer the questions the best I can. The oil leak(s) I have are long persisting. Of course, it get worse over time, but I have learned to live with that...put cardboard down and add a quart about every two months. The smoke only come from under the hood. I especially notice it when I get off the highway and I think that's because there is no airflow. I can see the smoke burning off the rear of the engine, somewhere below the PCV (I think that's the name of the changeable valve). But my point is, two seperate problems, but
  6. Again, thanks so much for your posts. I called the mechanic this morning and I got the feeling I am running the course with him, albeit I do know another mechanic. He said that he visually saw the leak and it is from the head gasket. He futher said since it is an "external" leak and not an "internal" one, that I the oil would not look milky and I would not see whote smoke from the exhaust. For the same reason, he said a compression test would not tell us anything. Asa a long shot he mentioned a polymer sealer product by the name of Blue Devil or Blue something. I put the name in Google, bu
  7. blk_on_blk, First, I would like to say thank you for your reply and a detailed one at that. Since my post, I have a little more information to offer. The mechanic did in fact pressure tested the system. He did it by taking off the radiator cap and I guess what amounts to blowing air in. By doing so he was able to see liquid come out. The intital problem he had was due to the exhaust manafold, he was not able to get a good view of where the liquid was coming out. He removed the exhaust manafold and concluded it was the head gasket. That said, I called a few Lexus dealers in my general area.
  8. Yesterday I noticed anti-freeze leaking under the car and the level in the overflow reservoir starting to go down. Fortunately (I guess) I was still able to see fluid in the reservoir. However, the first thing I did was add some anti-freeze and water to the reservoir and drove the 4 miles to the mechanics. Late yesterday afternoon the mechanic took a quick look and felt it was the freeze out plug. Upon a more detail look this morning and after taking the exhaust manafold off, he now says it's the head gasket. He called the machine shop, which I don't quite understand, but said to machine the
  9. The other day the final few lights on my instrument panel went out. This, in and by itself, is not a problem. However, at what seems like at approximately the same time, the car developed a problem with the right turn signal. When I put on the right signal, the green turn arrow blinks rapidly. I thought this would indicate that the turn signal bulb is out, but the light bulb indicator, which is functioning, did not come on. In addition, the front and rear turn signals are in fact blinking, albeit rapidly and with less illumination compared to the left. To add to the craziness, when I turn on
  10. As scheduled, I had the hose changed on Wednesday. Thus far the reservoir remains full, which is a good thing. If this was the problem (only) as it appears, the cost was $104 for the hose and $130 for labor. Thanks for all the help! Anovice
  11. Good to know and I will have definitive information Wednesday when I bring the car back in. That said, the mechanic is fairly certain the problem is the hose. I ordered it on line as it was $30 less than the local dealer and it is to arrive UPS Tuesday. In the unlikely event it turns out not to be the problem, so long as the part is not used it can be returned. Is has been about a week since I added p/s fluid, but that is because I have not used the air conditioning. Once I do and the cooling fan runs, I loose the fluid quickly. After Wednesday I will post the findings. Anovice
  12. Thanks much. I have noticed that the leaking has increased. Before I was adding ps fluid every 3-4 days and over the past 2 days I needed to add each day. One diffference is due to the heat I have been running the A/C and for whatever unknown reason, this has increased the rate of the leak. Anovice
  13. I look forward to the part number when you get the chance. Thanks much. Anovice
  14. Well, I am not certain if I am making any progress! I took the car back in today (bottom cleaned the other day) and the mechanic, in his mind, is certain of the cause of leak in the power steering fluid. He said it is the 'big' hose that runs from the cooling fan to the power steering pump. I went online to Park Place Lexus and all I could find was "P/s hose, pressure feed" at a cost of $306.79. Yikes! My first question is this "the hose that runs from the cooling fan to the power steering pump"? If so, it presents two problems. First, that is a bunch of change for a hose. Secondly, from wh
  15. The leather on the seats, especially the drivers side, is cracking badly. It seams like the best solution is to buy a pair of seat covers. Where would be a good place to buy inexpensive covers that hopefully will fit fairly well? Anovice
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