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Urgent: How To Take Out The Needle?


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i opened up and i can see the bulbs, but cant find the light bulbs for the needle????

it was so hard to do the job for the first time, i am waiting for your help

thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

there are no bulbs for the needle. you need to go to lextech.org and purchase a new needle for $200. ;)

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Yea, the needles DO NOT have bulbs. That red thing on the needle is the actual light.

I hope u disconnected the battery terminal before u took out the cluster.

You can find the needles here: http://www.lextech.org/osCommerce/

I believe they can do the whole thing for u, for a slight fee... but way cheaper than going to Dealer and having them do it :blink: . N plus if you want to change the background to a certain color or change the needle to a certain color... they have it all.

N if you don't want to buy needles... you can try the KRUDGE FIX. Basically it deals with a little Flourescent paint a blacklight and some soldering. It's pretty simple to do and it's cheap. This is the link to the forum that discusses the KRUDGE FIX.


Or you can try extra super bootleg version that i did <_< . My g/f didn't trust my soldering skillz so she opted to put LED lights inside :chairshot: . It looks ok... but like i said before... real bootleg compared to the KRUDGE FIX. We glued some Craft Lanyard... it's not string's but the thin thin colored PCV plastic. It's like a string but a thin PCV string. Hard to explain. We chose NEON GREEN. Wit the LED blue lights on the NEON Green... it makes it bright.

This is how it looks like... my bootleg way. But if u do the Krudge Fix... i promise u it will look better than mine. If only she let me solder. :rolleyes: Hehehehe.

Good luck B)


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The website i gave you will allow you to buy it. There is an area that says "ADD TO CART"

You can also give them a call or email them. They can help you out there too.

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yes sir it indeed is me :lol: Hahahaha... you recognized the cluster right? Thanks for ALL the help you have given me DC. It came out ok, not going to complain. Compared to having all the needles BLACK. I guess i'll work more on balancing the needle this weekend... or whenever my g/f wants me to.

As for y the needles are expesnive? I haven't had the slightest clue. LED lights aren't expesnive, but then again... the needles aren't LED are they? Perhaps it's the materials of the light. I think it's about $25 - $50 per needle b/c they sell them in sets.

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