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Denise Luize

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Hi All,

I am a first time Lexus owner - 2013 RX350 w/75k.   Starfire Pearl paint.   Purchased last month @ a Lexus dlrshp.  

There were a few tiny spots of white touch paint up on the hood noticed @ purchase. 

With all the rain, that white touch up paint has washed off.  Was it White Out?!!! 

With the touch up paint gone, I can see a lot more of these little chips in the paint. I am concerned.  

Is it the Starfire Paint?


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Hi, Denise.

 Most likely those are from pebble damage, which is common to pretty much every vehicle. Our RX has more than a few. It happens more often when the vehicle is driven on the highway for many miles. The likely scenario is that someone did not adequately remove any residual wax/dirt before applying the touchup paint. 
You can have a detailing shop fill the chip voids in a more professional manner. Or you can leave them, as-is if they don't bother you too much.


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