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  1. The Lexus mats are factory-engineered for your car (sounds like a commercial.) I would go with those. Off-brand mats will not last as long or protect the car as well as factory units. The only exception may be WEATHERTECH units Made in USA and very high-quality.
  2. Hey guys, is it normal for my passenger side mirror to NOT be convex? I just bought the car and noticed it also doesn't have the warning "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear." Did these cars come from Lexus this the way? Thanks in advance, John
  3. Hey guys, can anyone help me with locating an OEM front spoiler for my '08 GS350? I found tis pic on Google, and I believe car belongs to member "Marshmallow." Any leads on finding a soiled like this would be appreciated. If you have a better suggestion other then this one, please let me know. Regards,
  4. Thanks again JamesM182! Car is Matador Red Mica and I will post pics ads soon as I get her home.
  5. Are you using anything on the mirrors, such as Armor All for example? If so it will liquify when wet and run down the paint and ETCH it. I had it happen on a car I owned. Vinyl top (dating myself) was protected with AA, and when it got wet from rain the AA would leave an etched run mark down the body.
  6. You COULD polish the paint to smooth it but you would be removing some protective clearcoat. I would agree that I would FIRST run it through warranty before taking action physically on the paint. Did you compare your gloss and depth in paint to other NXs on the lot?
  7. Thanks jamesm182; car has been serviced by a Lexus dealer all of its life so I am confident the mileage will be a non-factor in future reliability.
  8. I'm a new member but a long time Lexus owner, fan, and enthusiast. I am considering buying another pre-owned GS350, maybe 2007-2010...YOUR opinions are appreciated on "mileage": I'm looking at 50k cars and 120k cars. Naturally the 100k ones cost less than the 50k mileage examples. I'm using CarMax as my search dealer. Question: Since I put about 60miles/day on my cars, is it SMART to buy a 100-120k mile GS350? I drive an older Accord as my commuter vehicle and Honda reliability is right up there with Toyota-Lexus. My thought process is I would have a hard time buying a nice GS wiith 50k miles and then putting 60miles/day on it. Does that make sense? I like to baby and preserve my cars but I want something nice to drive everyday. What do you guys think?