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  1. In a number of forums recently, I have seen a lot of interest pertaining to Lexus IS Dash replacement options so I thought I would relay my knowledge of those options. Below are the options I am aware of for Lexus IS250/350 Dash Replacements Circa ~2006 to 2013. Some of the companies below have options for earlier and later models. GROM Audio VLINE units for Factory Navigation Lexus Models (Option 1 (called VLine2) turns Factory dash into an Android Dash, Option 2 screen mirrors) [Uses Factory Navigation Dash but converts the underlying system to Android by installing a new computer system] Home Page: Specific Part (Part # LEX5VL2 ): Comments: Looks like a nice option if you want the original dash and have a Factory navigation. This is not an Apple Carplay unit or an Android auto unit, but a separate Android instance with apps you can install. However I am told the VLine2 may soon have support for Android Auto, but I have not confirmed that as I did not see it on their site. Phoenix 10.4” Vertical Screen Android Navigation Radio for Lexus IS 300, 250, 350 2005-2012 [Replaces the entire dash for any model (Nav or Non Nav] with a single 10.4” Tesla style display] Home Page : Specific Part: Comments: This is the nicest looking dash replacement I have seen. It is not Carplay or Android Auto. I thought I had heard though this unit has issues, but I am not sure if that is true. Scosche Dash Replacement only for Non Factory Navigation and Non Mark Levinson Lexus Models 2006-2012 (2013?) [Replaces Dash with Climate Control LCD and Double Din slot ] Home Page : Specific Part ( Part # ITCLS01B) : (Note : If you see a video at the link, it is for the wrong part. The static rendered photo shown however is the correct part) Comments: I bought and installed this part and combined it with the Apple Wireless Carplay unit from Alpine called the ILX-107. I have been very happy with this setup Metra Dash Replacement Only For Non Factory Navigation Models of Lexus Models 2006-2012 (2013?) [Replaces Dash with Climate Control LCD and Double Din slot ] Home Page: Specific Part ( Part # 99-8163) : Comments: I almost got this one except that it was not available at the time I was ready to buy. BeatSonic Double Din Car Stereo Install for Lexus IS 2006-2009 (Separate Parts depending on whether or not you have the Factory Navigation or Non Navigation Option) [For Non Nav option, The CD player is removed and the space from the CD player down is where the double din screen will sit.] Home Page : Specific Part : Comments: I felt this screen sat too low for my liking.
  2. I have a 2007 Lexus IS350 purchased at the end of 2006 . A while ago I got a dent in the panel above front right the wheel. It is now pulling a way some from the front of the car near the headlights, Before that dent I had a very small dent and scratch on the driver side door. I had some engine work done on the car three years ago to replace a bad cylinder so I had all the cylinders replaced. I have 205,000 miles on the car so far. I am hoping to get at least another 5 years out this car, so I would like to refresh the body by fixing the dents (replace panels if need be) and get a new paint job for the whole car. Can anyone here recommend a place for Body work somewhere in San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley, or even Orange county (the first two are preferable)? I would like recommendations for both Best Quality and Good Quality/reasonable price. Maybe even a ranking of local body shops. I am willing to go to a dealer body shop depending on the cost.