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Brake Master Cylinder making squeaking noise

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Hello Guys i own a Lexus GS 300 2001 Facelift.

Everytime when i start the car after it cooled down it starts making squeaking noises for about a minute and stops. It only happens when the car was cold before. For example when i drive and make a stop for 1-3 hours it is not happening.

I searched for the problem but the videos i watched the guys had the lights on my doesn't. 

Maybe somone knows how to fix it by myself without buying a new brake masyter cylinder assembly.

I added a video with the noise.


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Do you have a mechanic's stethoscope? You can get one at Harbor Freight at a low price. It will come in handy to pinpoint the source of the sound.

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I had a 98 GS300 FOR 225000 Miles, I went through 3 Master/ABS cylinders, I think there is a subject on using a brake booster from a SC430  Check into that.

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I have a 05 gs430 that has the exact same issue. Comes from the master cylinder, pressing the brake a few times usually stops it. Other than that I think when someone did the brakes they just didn’t bleed them correct. Going to get a new cylinder, and bleed the brakes again. Hopefully that works…?

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