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Custom Grill


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hi, does any1 know where can i get a custom grill for my 1996 ls 400?

ive seen them online but they way too expensive 450$

i saw a deal once for 260$ but its gone

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i contacted people in trenz, waitin for the answer and i have a question about do it urself variant,

is there any manual how to do it, and what kind of material should i use

thanks a lot guys for your help

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being in brooklyn there are many places you can go to any per formance shops have mesh grille in blue silver black and anodized polish chrome

the last one is probably the one you want

cost about 20 bucks

time maybe 1 hour

difficulty 2.5

it only take a few screw to remove the grille then just bend the mesh around the origianl grille by hand and replace the whole grill all done

sorry i don;t have a pic of one to show you

but it is real easy to do

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tried that mesh grill thing, it didnt look really good, didnt look good at all, so prolly i have to stick to some aftermarket parts, but they are like 450$, and i found it only on one site www.procarparts.com

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sorry you didn't like it but atleast you tried and for about $20 it was a cheap loss

just wondering whta didn't look good

did you wrap it all around the grill or just to the chrome bezel

as that is what i had seen on another ls

it was just done to the chrome

got any pics?

you also have to be careful witht e grille or it will indent and look crappy when putting it on

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same material but with professional help this time:)

my friend works in the store where they do all kinds of upgrades, so he agreed to help me on weekend if he will have time

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