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  1. I appreciate your honesty. I read the same articles "lextasy suck". It hurts to see it but what can I do? I'm not even aloud to respond to accusations. Steve, you're stepping in it without realizing it. If as you state, you're "not allowed (not aloud btw) to respond to accusations", why are you posting here at all? Poor reply and makes you look like you're deliberately avoiding/dismissing readers' concerns. My friend, this thread is likely to be a snakepit for you. Be forewarned and if you intend to respond, be prepared. If I had a quality product/service that I believed in, I'd be defending it or at the very least listening to the complaints and reassuring buyers of that product that their complaints will be taken under advisement and thanking them for their imput. There's an interactive tv program in my area that deals with viewers comments, which are not always positive, and yet signs off every day with "We value your comments and emails. They not only make our show, they make it better." Words you would be wise to consider. I value your comments eatingupblacktop
  2. I appreciate your honesty. I read the same articles "lextasy suck". It hurts to see it but what can I do? I'm not even aloud to respond to accusations. Hey Steve, It should not be any real breaking news to you regarding the many negative comments Lextasy receives about the lack of professionalism when conducting business. Stating that Lextasy has been in business for ten years is about the only amazing aspect of the countless disappointing conversations. Why is there such a lack of communications from Lextasy when an unsuspecting customer inquires about his/her order? It is now common knowledge throughout the Lexus community that phone call inquiries are seldom, if at all returned. Emails don't get replied back to. It's totally shameful! Without having to defend (online) the unending accusations, answer this if can. What would you do if you were ordering unique car parts online and the company quickly establishes the credit card transaction, but never sends out the part you ordered? Well?! How you feel if you tried to get some honest answers concerning the specific order and there were absolutely none forthcoming? I doubt you would be comforted by the fact that the company in question would reply with a shallow claim of being some ten years in business. Do you want to truly serve the Lexus community with you business or do you want to go defending the countless dissatisfied claims and the growing history of miserable accusations concerning business negligence? Advice! Make it right Steve with your customers, and the Lexus community will surely spread the word with a positive message about Lextasy. Until then, unfortunately you'll get what you deliver. ZILCH! You are 100% right and I have changed our business plan to reflect orders we do not have in stock to immediately refunding the customer with no charge whatsoever unless the customer chooses to keep their order with us which they often do on rarer JDM items we import monthly and sell out immediately. Thank you for the positive feedback Frankmusic
  3. Yes the stories are tough but most are not true. It's really a shame that you believe the stories. Give us a shot.
  4. We have hundreds in stock now. We ran out for a couple days a few months ago.
  5. I would love to give out a LOC coupon but we have very little profit, lets say on a set of Chrome Rims and much more profit on a set of LED's. So we can't really generalize a certain discount. What we can do is Group buys and maybe special order items or even create a special Design for you.
  6. These are top notch rotors. I had them on my IS300 for quite some time. Along with the EBC green stuff, you'll get fast braking along with extremely low dust.
  7. I appreciate your honesty. I read the same articles "lextasy suck". It hurts to see it but what can I do? I'm not even aloud to respond to accusations.
  8. I used a thread that referred to alot of the "general" issues with Lextasy. But I could bring up my buying expereince with you and further demonstrate how frustrating it can be to deal with your company. What forums do you sponsor? And are you saying your a price competetive company? 9 weeks to get a shifter knob is a fast fashion? <_< Send me an email. sale at lextasy.com. I'll have it sent out asap if it already was sent out and you got it late, I'll see about sending you some free product like LED DRL's or a partial refund?. Sometimes we do run out of stock and also our suppliers run out of stock. We try to keep everything running smoothly but sometimes YES we do run into problems.
  9. Billy Shaft. You are correct on all your observations and yes being a 10 year old company could still mean bad business. On this forum we are able to respond. Other forums require a "Sponsorship" in which we could pay and raise our prices to incur those additional fees. Despite what you have read on this forum or any other forum or even our own forum. Rest assured we are a legitimate company providing a quality product in a fast fashion.
  10. Don't listen to the haters out there. We try our best to make everyone happy but sometimes you just can't make everyone completely happy. Notice anyone who says anything bad about lextasy is just hearsay or else we wouldn't be in business for 10 years
  11. You'll want to wait for a really hot day and take dental floss or a fishing line to slide back and forth. Once its started, you can easily take over with your bare hands. Yep, should come off with very little effort. What ever seems to be a little stubborn, take a small sponge soaked a bit with Goo-Gone and hold it there to work for a minute. I've used it on my motorcycles and other vehicles, good stuff. ←
  12. Revhard191- I am formely lex chich b.....but to much of a name- so I changed it! that grill is Netz. They make these grills that rescemble MB. As long as you like it that's cool- but why make your lex look like a MB? I'm probably biased- but i'm sure your aware of other companies available for grill there are a plenty! If your not- i'll be glad to share them with you- cause personally i think this grill is gross! ← Clear here to purchase the benz grille
  13. OEM quality fiberglass. OEM quality paint. http://www.lextasy.com/gs400_oem_spoiler_1064_prd1.htm
  14. http://www.lextasy.com/cross_drilled_slott...s_1131_prd1.htm
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