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Es300 Radio Q's

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A while ago I posted that I was thinking of getting a new HU for my 92 ES. Well, I finally did. I got an HU from a 93, and there are a couple of noticeable differences, and I am not sure if they will make a difference at all.

Basically, the configuration of the controls are adjusted. On my current year, 1992, the stereo is like this:

To change the disk, you press the "1" button, the fast forward button is "2", and the track forward or back are the "3" and "4" buttons. The "track/seek" button for the radio only controls the tracking, nothing else.

But on the 1993, the stereo is like this:

To change the disk, you press the bottom of the "track/seek" button, instead of pressing the "1" button. The "1" and "2" buttons control the track, instead of disk and forward, repectively. And finally, the "3" and "4" buttons control the fast forward, or reverse controls, instead of the track selction.

I am not sure if this will affect the stereo at all, but need to make sure before I take out my old one, to put in this one.

I got the replacement unit from e-bay, here is a link to the picture:

<http://ebay1.ipixmedia.com/abc/M28/_EBAY_12d13adace44b35b2a7010f490c3715a/i-1.JPG> ,

and there is a picture, however small, of my current HU in this auction: <http://ebay3.ipixmedia.com/abc/M28/_EBAY_a7090a0e689a0403aa0f76a616797ade/i-1.JPG>

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i don't think it would make a difference. i think the signal sent is all from a computer on the inside of the HU. if the computer is different, it should still send the same signal and make the same movement in the changer. i guess the only real way is to put it in and see.

good luck, man

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Hi I just bought a new head unit from ebay for my 92ES300 too. It came off a 95 ES300. Can someone tell me how to take out the old head unit? Where are the screws located? Do I have to take out the cup holders to access the screws? I still have to get the changer though. But when I do, is the trunk the only place it will go? Thanks for any help!

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Thanks steve. A quick question about removing the air vent. You wrote:

"First you have to remove the air vent as shown in the picture below. Inside the air vent you shall find two clips (bottom of the vent). You have to push these clips down with a screwdriver to release the Stereo unit. When the clips pop out you then have to carefully pull the air vent out. Also the air vent is a little tight."

I am a little confused about the two clips. Do you push the clips down before or after you pull the air vent out? I guess I'm unclear about whether the clips are holding the air vent. Thanks

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get a torch and look into the vent.. you will see two clips on the bottom holding the vent in.. these clips pop off when when push them down... be prepared to lose them too!

then wiggle the vent out.. its tight but will wiggle out.... there will also be a cable attatched...

it is quite easy if you take your time to figure it out

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The key thing under the volume knob does light up if you try and enter a code. I have a 92, and I have a code for mine. If you have your manual, you can look in the back and it says instructions for arming your system. Only after it is armed will the "key" light up. Also, if you change the head unit, there will not be any problems getting in the new one or putting in the old one into a new car.

I replaced my 92 with a 94-96, (not sure which one), and both work fine.

If you need any detailed help about replacing the sytems, you can pm me. I did mine like 2 weeks ago, so it is fresh in my head...

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Do you mean the little wood grain piece that is curved at the bottom of it?

If so, it should just pop off. There are no tricks, there are two clips, one on the left and one the right, all you do is put your fingers on the underside of it and pull each side evenly and it pop off.

After that, there are two screws farther in. You can unscrew those now, or later, it doesn't really matter. If you do unscrew them now, you can see that it is still held in by the screws behind the A/C vent.

Also, when you take the vent out, mine didn't have any wires or anything connecting it to the system, it was just a piece of plastic.

The metal covers in the vents are some wierd things. I tried removing them to get to the screws before I took off the vent, so i didn't get a great view, but basically each clip is horizontal, with a small hinge in the back of it. The whole clip is like 1/4" X 1/4". What I did was put a screw driver under the clip, then pushed it as far up as it would go, then pushed it back down as far as it would go, and kept doing this until the hinge broke, and the clip fell off. I am not sure, but maybe you can take the vent off first, and then take the screws out without removing the clips?!? I am not sure though.

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it is a pain to remove

i used a plastic trim remover tool

most pro shops have them for 10 bucks

they are a little bent end with a fork i it

to safely remove trim

like this POS vent

try try and then try some more

just do it slowly

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To take the vent out, I tried a very archaic method. I just got a flat head screwdriver, and pried out each side by side. Luckily, the leather on the dash is forgiving because I was denting the leather a lot when I was using it as leverage.

To get started, I pried the sides, not on the tops and bottoms. One side popped out pretty soon, but the other was a little harder. Also, make sure that when you put the screwdriver in between the vent and dash, that you don't have it in the vent. There is a little slot in the vent that I accidentily put the screwdriver into and it made it look bad.

Also, be prepared to have the vent be a little looser than before you pried it open because you will be forcing it. Pretty much only you will know it is loose, as it will fit in fine, but it will be a tiny bit loose.

Once you get that off, it is a piece of cake. To put it back on, all you gotta do is poip it back in the slots.

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well i checked my hu form my 94 and i have no anti theft key or light on mine

guess only 92-93 had them

the flat head is a bit iffy to me as it is real easy to damage the vinyl on the dash around the vent although it has a good bit of padding

spend the ten bucks on the right tool and save a few hundred in repairs

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