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Should I Buy This 97 Ls


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97 LS400 silver on black 86k miles with a 2k front head headlights the car is absolutely mint condition leather seats are new paints are clear of any dents are scratch no navigation system asking 15k for it. This is going to be a daily commutor I put in about 30-40k a year on my car and it's going to be a car that I'll be driving for a very long time given that it'll last me the next 4 or 5 years. Is this a good deal?

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Hey Dannie, Sounds like a great car and from what I can tell $15k is an okay price. I did a quick search on kbb.com and it came up with just over $16k. I have a '97 with 78k miles and love it, had it for about 4.5 years. I'll be keeping it for another 4-5 unless I hit the lottery. :D

The car should have to problem going another 5 years at 30-40k miles, with proper maintenance.

I would love to see the headlight set-up. Post a pic if you can

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Yeah whats up with the headlights?

86k is low miles for a 97 and thats a good price. Does it have maintenance records? Have it inspected by a local mechanic that knows Lexus' or a Lexus dealer. Also a Lexus dealer can type in the VIN and get the whole service history (if its been serviced at Lexus). He can't give it to you but he can tell you if it looks well taken care of.

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