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  2. Your car is so nice. I need to re-paint my car but don't know where to send it to.
  3. I think this problem is more like electrical connections.
  4. There is no relay for the wiper. You have to inspect it at the wiper motor connector. If both high and low speeds are working at the motor, then you have to troubleshoot the switch. It maybe as simple as dirty connector.
  5. Dear fellow Lexus owners, my 98 Lexus ES300 is such a great car, after a few years, I purchased what I thought was basically the same car, a 2001 Lexus ES300. Then the troubles began. The 01 Lexus has automatic dimming mirrors. The driver side mirror began clouding up, a very expensive fix. Since I bought a Lexus safety inspected used car, I contacted Lexus and they agreed to pay half the repair. The 01 runs halfway up on the temp gauge, while the 98 runs at 1/8. I have to add water every few months with the 01. The heater fan on the 01 has an interference problem and sometimes makes loud noises. Right now it doesn't work at all, and looks like I have to replace the fan. My 01 right passenger window regulator had to be replaced. My 01 right passenger window switch had to be replaced. The 01 seems to drain the battery when not run for a week or more. While the 98 with 225,000 miles on it, is still a great car, the 01 with 90,000 miles on it, is not so good. Does anyone else own a 98 and/or an 01 Lexus ES300? What is your experience?
  6. I just R/R the headlights on my 1999 RX300. They are standard headlights. No HID. I see at least two each adjustment screws. Which one adjusts the low beams and which on adjusts the High Beam, the fog lights, etc. Which direction do I turn these screws for the up adjustment? FYI, I also R/R the door lock actuators on all four doors. I fixed the door control device in the Drivers side door. I used my 3-D printer to make the part that is under the rocker button for the door windows. It sits on a spring.
  7. My 99 has 230++ and I got the "bad cat" note.. I found a 2000 ls, hit in the side with 117k, and bought the cats from him for 135$ shipped to Dallas, put them on and no more problems, that was last December...
  8. Here is my Brand New 1999 Lexus RX300! Just turned over 215,000 miles. With the headlights replaced, it looks like a new car! I removed and replaced all four door lock actuators, too! Speaking of headlights, how do I adjust them?
  9. hey guys I can't get the trunk to open with the key on my lexus is350 2012 model but everything else opens it... would it be a faulty remote? Thanks guys
  10. hey guys I can't get the trunk to open with the key on my lexus is350 2012 model but everything else opens it... would it be a faulty remote? Thanks guys
  11. hey guys I can't get the trunk to open with the key on my lexus is350 2012 model but everything else opens it... would it be a faulty remote? Thanks guys
  12. I'm experiencing the exact same issue in my 2001 Lexus is there anyway I can disable the beeping from inside the cab behind the dash it's going to drive me crazy
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  15. Hello - My daughter totaled her 95 so we found a 96 and put the much lower mile engine in. Engine runs fabulous just like in the other car. After a few hours of running, the engine light comes on. Nether LS had codes before the swap Checked codes and get these: "PO450 Evaporative Emission System Pressure Sensor Sensor/ Switch" and "PO430 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 2". . What I could find on out there was limited but I believe the 96 had an emission system that the 95 did not. I still have the 95 as a parts car so looking for best options to turn the engine light off for these errors. Again, engine runs fine and she is driving it every day. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Mark
  16. What is the best tesla style screen replacement for the outdated 2004 Rx 330 CD/cassette combo? Looking for plug and play and full ease of use... ....
  17. I'm at 314,000 with a 2004 RX, including a road trip from Columbus OH to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska as well as going across the Trans-Labrador Highway in Labrador and Quebec. Just put in my second timing belt (above and beyond the original) along with some other things. It's been a great ride and still quiet inside! Buy good quality and take care of it and it'll take care of you!
  18. Can I remove the roof rack on my RX 350 -2015 as I never use it or should I just continue to ignore it . The roof would be easier to wash without the rack .
  19. You are lucky , it has a timing chain . That will save you $900.00
  20. I have a 2007 GX470 with only 75K miles. My Blizzard Pearl paint is completely peeling on the roof and at base of all side windows. I have spoken to Lexus a couple of times and they keep telling me the repair does not apply to a 2007 - only 2008 or newer. I am a loyal Lexus buyer but am very disappointed in the lack of response. This is my 3rd GX and 4th Lexus. I am embarrassed with my cars paint condition. Has anyone had any luck with Lexus repairing the issue? I too am interested in any kind of class action suit. I live in NC, bought the car from Lexus dealer in NY. Which by the way, never informed me of the dash recall despite me complaining about it. So I doubt they will contact re paint issue. If anyone has had any luck or advise, I greatly appreciate it!
  21. The cause might be aging engine/transmission mounts but do you really want to bother if the vibration is only faint?
  22. Hi everybody, I own a Lexus ES350 2013. Recently, when stopped at a light there is a faint steering wheel vibration, has someone here ever encountered this problem? and do not know if anyone ever found the cause and got this resolved Thanks!
  23. I am looking to get wheels on my 07 rx, would that wheel size fit on mine stock? You said that u have new struts and control arm stuff.
  24. where is engine ecu on a 2007 rx350 located
  25. My powertilt and telescope on my 1995 started acting up. Only worked sometimes. Since I am the only user I put it where I wanted and disconnected it. To be honest I think the automatic function is a bit annoying. You need to wait for it to finnish before using steering wheel as support to get out. My impression is that I would need a new motor for the tilt and some lubrication to get it working. Ratling side mirror could mean something loose you could fixate again. Quite expensive to get even a used mirror where I live. Seem in demand.
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