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  1. In my small experience with my 98 LS 400, in tank full i easily get 300+Miles, one box of fuel indicator should give you 100 miles so we have 4 dividers in the fuel gauge it should give you 350Miles until light comes on
  2. Try, in my opinion its great with a huge selection of items
  3. Brembo for 15$ are you serious? where? when? I am using Sumitomo which is OEM here in UAE as per Toyota
  4. Yes Phil you are right 17 years old but these cars have a tendency to just live and keep on living for years to come by, i think the age of the car should be ignored completely when dealing with LS
  5. Hi Irascals and welcome to the forum I must that you made up the right choice! and 58k miles is pretty new some pics of the car would be great, and as Bob said it is best to keep it at stock and remain at stock, you can always invest in replacing OEM parts in the engine bay and keep your car as new as possible The first thing you should consider buying is the ODBII diagnostic code reader, it will help you alot
  6. Hi Phil and welcome to the forum i have 1998 with me, O2 sensors before the Cat. are easy, lift the car up and direct access, but after the Cat. are cumbersome i cannot think why lexus did that, since the electrical socket of the sensor is going up in the body from the exhaust, Wiring harness is underneath the drivers side carpet, now in order to remove the carpet you have to take the gas pedal out, The passenger side O2 sensor is also connecting up in the body and the harness underneath the carpet but in this case it is easy I have purchased Bosch sensors from rock auto, since they came with the exact length of wire PS: are you really sure that at 80k miles on the ODO your O2 sensors are fried?, i have 250k miles on my ODO and my O2's are working just fine (although i have purchased new ones but i am yet to install them, i did tried to install them here at a gas station mechanic told that i will not be able to install on the drivers side since it is difficult, so i left it as it is)
  7. Due to this sensor i am having check engine light and poor fuel economy, will keep you updated once i progress something, i think i should buy the whole timing belt kit with water pump and leave my car to a good garage and get everything done at once... because to repair only this small sensor it will be so labor intensive
  8. Hi Please could somebody help here please on how i will replace the turbine speed sensor?
  9. Hi Billy Could you please post a picture of that shield, it could save a lots of troubles to all the users around the globe for a small mod to save the alternator...
  10. Update: First of all it had been 3 days since i procured all the parts and was just carrying them in my trunk finding an inexpensive garage to fix everything Parts I bought Denso Iridium spark plugs AC cabin filter Engine Oil 10W40- ELF Transmission Oil- AC Delco T-III Engine Oil Filter Unfortunately in this part of the world when you go out to hunt for a reasonable garage it is just like finding a needle in the haystack since i cannot leave my car in the garage for n number of days In short all garages here were asking huge amount of money along with "leave the car" statement Anyway, i went to a petrol pump (we have shops named autopro for repairs) and asked about the price, they said since parts you are bringing we will take only labor charge which was very reasonable. So in 2 hours mechanic was able to replace all the 8 spark plugs, engine oil & oil filter, unfortunately i was not able to replace the O2 sensors since the mechanic said "sir the drivers side one is very difficult i cannot do it, i can change the other 3 if you want" i replied no leave it i will go somewhere else, indeed its difficult on the drivers side Also we were unable to replace the turbine speed sensor because of the following reason 1.) There is very tight space to take it out 2.) The bolt which holds the sensor is broken in my case 3.) The mammoth size transmission mount is in the way Here the quality of work is extremely horrible, they will just replace the part and thats it nothing extra i.e. cleaning, they will not clean an inch on their own, the whole engine block is in extremely dirty state Conclusion The car runs great with power like new, no check engine light
  11. Hi all Update: I tried to pull up the codes and wow Well i dont know why all of a sudden everything is coming up.... first i will replace all the 4 O2 sensors and also the turbine speed sensor and will report back
  12. Hi Finally i managed to get the turbine speed sensor And also i ordered Bosh O2 sensors from I have not installed these sensors & the speed sensor yet But today morning i noticed that the CEL is flashing (while running the car) stops (when idling on a traffic light), i searched on some other forums that there could be a possibility of cylinder misfire Or to be on the safer side should i buy all 8 spark plugs and wire set? I will pull the OBD codes today again and will post a snapshot here Any help would be appreciated
  13. Craig could you please search for that photo of the location of the transmission speed sensor