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  1. People just disappear? btw i am still waiting for the delivery of my code reader from new york
  2. Odd suspension squeak

    If the squeak is coming while you are breaking i would check the life of my break pads or the health of the rotor which would need turning
  3. Cup Holder Adapter '98 LS400

    +1 to that! or Hold the cup in one hand and drive the car from the other hand simple
  4. My best bet would be, also it depends on your budget these devices range from as less as 20$ and go up to level of mountain 400$ So make your best bet Edit: I just ordered this code reader today for myself (Autel AL519)
  5. Wiring Harness Causing Surging Problems?

    Hi I have to say the engine bay is brand new! good job in keeping it that way The list which you have mentioned about replacing/ checked is a big list, but before going into replacing parts, would you mind telling which OBD code reader you have? is it powerful enough to give you correct codes? i would advise you take scan codes from a shop, why i am telling this, i have a code reader (ELM chip) which in my opinion is not strong enough to pull out the codes that well, i have 3rd party software and connect it through my laptop bluetooth Is there a check engine light?, the car hesitates... means is it having hiccups? like jerking? can you cruise exactly at 50 mph at tell the results? i had the same problem but for me the problem was spark plugs were fried i replaced them and the problem went away Knock sensor maybe or maybe the timing belt replacement job missed out something
  6. Single mom of 5 wow, thousand pounds of love and respect and welcome to the forum Can you please tell us a little bit more about the problem the we might be able to narrow down the problem..., try to answer the questions please Is your car cranking but not firing? Nothing happens when you turn the key for cranking? Maybe off the topic but still had to ask, why did you changed the battery? what prompted to change the battery?
  7. where do you plug it in? okay ... find the lever from where you open the bonnet, so from there keep going down towards the brake pedal and you will find a port to plug in the hardware, there is a white color cap for the port remove the cap and there you will see the pins to connect your OBD chip
  8. For me i dont bother with the VSC light since it is intermittent, mostly and almost every time whenever i am in a bumper to bumper traffic the VSC light pops up Yes on cold start ups the light is not there, if you are light is on 24x7, then try pulling up the codes if you are unable to find anything in codes then reset it all the lights will go off and then you may start over and check that during which vehicle movement time the light came on If you dont have a code reader, try disconnecting the battery and then connecting again, by this way you will reset your OBD and all lights should be off
  9. 1998 LS400 Suspension

    Be reminded that if you are talking about the rear suspension, we are talking a lot of labor in my case (98 LS 400) the whole back seat needs to be removed in order to get access to the rear suspension mounts I would advise be absolutely sure that rear suspension needs some work or not, make sure there is no tyre cupping just like i had in mine which ruined my 1 year old only Pirelly P7 tyres (check the photo), but i believe tyre cupping is caused because of alignment problem anyway that may become off topic I would also recommend to drive to your local mechanic shop and get some advise from there as well, dont just simply go what the dealer says, also better first you stockpile all the parts you have to replace and then go shop by shop how much everyone quotes for the labor
  10. 1998 Lexus LS 400- Engine vibration

    Hi All Long time i am posting, anyway following up with the above post, i replaced the 2 engine mounts and 1 trans mount along with trans filter and wow Car is smooth like butter, and yes the old mounts were broken and completely deteriorated. anybody having LS 400 with 200k+ miles i would highly advise to replace these mounts to make a difference Check out the pics
  11. Same is the case with me, even with Pirelli P7 tire i have vibrations all over the place, saving money to buy good quality motor and trans mounts, and then will report back
  12. 1998 Lexus LS 400- Engine vibration

    hmmmmm...... and hey i did the same as @Lexus_DK advised, and man the motor was about to jump right off from the bonnet! i am almost 100% sure that the mounts which are currently in place have become stone and their date of birth is 1998! Top priority is motor and trans mount @billydpowell 4 mounts?
  13. 1998 Lexus LS 400- Engine vibration

    Sorry forgot to attach the photo of the timing belt record sticker, its difficult to read Overrunning of the alternator pulley is highly unlikely since i installed a brand new alternator which came with the pulley
  14. 1998 Lexus LS 400- Engine vibration

    Thanks for the input @Trevor Catt Harmonic Balancer... i recently changed the serpentine drive belt and while in the process each and every pulley was turning effortlessly, is there a way specific way to check it Over-running alternator pulley? how do i check that, but even before i replaced my alternator with a new one that car had the same amount of vibration Timing belt one tooth out....... well i cannot say since the belt was replaced centuries ago, i am attaching a picture but it is not clear since the date of replacement is faded off @Yamae Engine mounts, my guess would never, most probably it has been running on the same mount since 1998, same applies for the trans mount @Lexus_DK You mean to say put in parking gear and rev the RPM and check the motor if it jumps or moves, hmmm i will do it today and will try to post a video
  15. Hi After driving a 2001 LS 430 just few days back, i realized that in my car i am missing the butter smooth ride quality, meaning there was no vibration felt in the cabin while the engine was running, super quiet cabin at idle and even while driving super quiet, you have to see the tachometer to check whether the car was in start condition or not Comparing to my 98 LS 400 it turns out to be a generator, although i noticed a remarkable difference in ride smoothness when i changed my engine oil to 5W30 Total Quartz (earlier i used to dump in shell 20W50 multi grade due to the price, which now i feel was horrible and made a big mistake), i also changed the differential oil as part of a regular service In neutral or parking gear when i bring the RPM to 3 or 4000 the steering shakes, while cruising at 85 MPH i can feel clear cut vibration at the steering wheel rest alone the whole body I believe there is a lot of work balance to be done, now i am clueless from where to start either from suspension or from the engine mounts or just replacing the shocks will do the magic, bushings, ball joints etc Now since almost 2 years of ownership i have replaced the following parts & Odometer stands at 262,000+ miles Starter Motor Spark plugs (all 8 nos replaced) Alternator Serpentine drive belt O2 sensors Suggestions please