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  1. Same is the case with me, even with Pirelli P7 tire i have vibrations all over the place, saving money to buy good quality motor and trans mounts, and then will report back
  2. 1998 Lexus LS 400- Engine vibration

    hmmmmm...... and hey i did the same as @Lexus_DK advised, and man the motor was about to jump right off from the bonnet! i am almost 100% sure that the mounts which are currently in place have become stone and their date of birth is 1998! Top priority is motor and trans mount @billydpowell 4 mounts?
  3. 1998 Lexus LS 400- Engine vibration

    Sorry forgot to attach the photo of the timing belt record sticker, its difficult to read Overrunning of the alternator pulley is highly unlikely since i installed a brand new alternator which came with the pulley
  4. 1998 Lexus LS 400- Engine vibration

    Thanks for the input @Trevor Catt Harmonic Balancer... i recently changed the serpentine drive belt and while in the process each and every pulley was turning effortlessly, is there a way specific way to check it Over-running alternator pulley? how do i check that, but even before i replaced my alternator with a new one that car had the same amount of vibration Timing belt one tooth out....... well i cannot say since the belt was replaced centuries ago, i am attaching a picture but it is not clear since the date of replacement is faded off @Yamae Engine mounts, my guess would never, most probably it has been running on the same mount since 1998, same applies for the trans mount @Lexus_DK You mean to say put in parking gear and rev the RPM and check the motor if it jumps or moves, hmmm i will do it today and will try to post a video
  5. Hi After driving a 2001 LS 430 just few days back, i realized that in my car i am missing the butter smooth ride quality, meaning there was no vibration felt in the cabin while the engine was running, super quiet cabin at idle and even while driving super quiet, you have to see the tachometer to check whether the car was in start condition or not Comparing to my 98 LS 400 it turns out to be a generator, although i noticed a remarkable difference in ride smoothness when i changed my engine oil to 5W30 Total Quartz (earlier i used to dump in shell 20W50 multi grade due to the price, which now i feel was horrible and made a big mistake), i also changed the differential oil as part of a regular service In neutral or parking gear when i bring the RPM to 3 or 4000 the steering shakes, while cruising at 85 MPH i can feel clear cut vibration at the steering wheel rest alone the whole body I believe there is a lot of work balance to be done, now i am clueless from where to start either from suspension or from the engine mounts or just replacing the shocks will do the magic, bushings, ball joints etc Now since almost 2 years of ownership i have replaced the following parts & Odometer stands at 262,000+ miles Starter Motor Spark plugs (all 8 nos replaced) Alternator Serpentine drive belt O2 sensors Suggestions please
  6. LS400 surging and dying

    Check engine light blinking, why jumping directly to the poor ECU, check your spark plugs or ignition coils, i had the same issue my CEL was blinking suddenly and car started jerking at 60 MPH while at idle it will not jerk I replaced all the 8 spark plugs and kept the same ignition coil... butter smooth it is
  7. Replaced front brakes, now 'clap'

    It appears that you have two separate issues 1.) Hissing sound while pressing the brake pedal 2.) Clapping noise while breaking I am not sure of how this hissing noise is affecting you except you are able to hear, are you noticing any vaccum leak while pressing your brake pedal? is it becoming soft? Clapping noise, what i understand is the sound is metallic clapping between the rotor and the brake pad, double check the installation or take help from a friend so that he can observe from outside that actually what is happening when you are applying brakes, maybe there is a problem in the caliper, or you missed something during the brake pads replacement
  8. Transmission problem?

    Best i would suggest is pulling out the OBD codes, and see if it helps, i am sure you will be pointed in the right direction, Lexus dealer most probably would suggest just to simply replace the transmission, that's the best a dealer can do
  9. I researched the internet, it appears that the tensioner is automatic, you need to use a socket wrench counter clockwise only to take the belt off, In my case the belt was broken so there was no point moving the tensioner, i just hope that what i did will keep the things working
  10. Hi all Posting after a long time 3 days back i was driving my car to a restaurant during my lunch break and suddenly power steering became hard and battery symbol popped up, i was luck enough that i was very near to my workplace, I parked my car, open the hood and surprise the drive belt was broken apart into pieces and tangled with the fan shaft, what to say, i was hearing squeaking noise from the belt but i took it lightly, lesson learned that the if there is noise from the belt dont wait replace! Anyway i went to the nearest auto parts shop and purchased the belt and took up the challenge that i will do it myself, first big task was to remove all the broken pieces from the pulleys and the fan shaft which took quite an effort and lots of patience, since the belt contains metal strips so you have to be patient, untangle all the pieces slowly and make your way through Ok now everything was clear but i had no clue what is the procedure to install the belt, i came back to my workplace downloaded some pictures and then went again to my car, i also noticed that under the hood towards the left of the grill, there is a diagram of the drive belt Luckily also i had gloves with me, trust me gloves do help a lot!, i started to insert the belt through the pulleys starting from left i.e. Power steering pulley, alternator, likewise and got stock on AC compressor since the belt was not big enough I tried in many ways i.e. starting from AC compressor and working towards power steering pulley again belt short and very tight you cannot stretch it that easily, after 1 hour i almost gave up Then i thought ok i will leave the center pulley and leave it for the last, i started from the AC compressor worked through power steering pulley while missing the center pulley so that i can have more belt with me but still it was short and very tight to stretch but somehow i just managed to wrap it through the power steering pulley Now the hardest part left, to stretch the belt to put it on the center pulley, let me tell you have to be hercules/hulk to do that in 3rd attempt i was able to manage that much power to pull it up to the center pulley and done! phew I am attaching an illustrative diagram which worked for me along with a photo of the temperature which we have here, you can just imagine Note: no tools are required to do this job (in case your belt is broken)
  11. Without any doubt buy the LS and you will love the ride and will last longer, do remember that these are 20 years old and needs to some periodic maintenance dont expect that it will never break loose Components like starter motor, alternator, spark plugs will fail in the most epic style sometimes but still you will love it
  12. Car wont start '98 LS 400

    Hi Micah Thanks for your response, i believe LS doesn't allows slow cranking, it will just go blank without giving any signs of warning unlike older mechanical cars in which it will try to crank slowly if the battery is weak Master key- unfortunately not, i still use the valet key, The only thing i noticed that the ABS light was glowing till the end and then when you crank no breathing at all, on the other hand the moment i connected the jump cables with another car just to test ABS light went off This is just my assumption Hi Vissine If the car is not cranking up then it should give proper codes otherwise it will turn the game into guess work which is very dangerous, from what i have researched it all depends on the capability of the code reader both the hardware and the software
  13. Auto Leveling?

    very well maintained car, great job
  14. 99 Suspension Update

    Some pictures would help a lot please
  15. Car wont start '98 LS 400

    Hi Guys Car is back up online and firing up just perfect This time i tried to take a jump cable from another car and that did the trick, i then purchased a new battery 80 Ampere L type (positive terminal on the left hand side) and car cranking and firing up like a dragon Attached is the OBD code screenshot which i tried to pull when the car was not starting, maybe my code reader is not capable of giving me the proper codes? I believe the only way to find out that whether your battery died on you or not is to look for the ABS light, if it stays on then time to bring a new battery, but relying on the ABS light might not be the proper way to check/identify the battery problem