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  1. Does any one have step by step instructions or a video link showing how to remove the stereo/nav so I can install the Vaistech unit? Much appreciated
  2. Anyone interested in purchasing a brand new already painted black lip spoiler for their IS250 / IS350 ? Bought it for my wife's IS250 but she likes the way it already looks. Make an offer?
  3. I'm wondering if it can automatically switch from 1 phone to another depending on which phone is in the car. The system is usually set for my phone, but when my wife drives the car she has to manually sync up her phone every time. Is there a way for the system to sense which phone is in the car & automatically transfer to that phone?
  4. Is it possible to pair 2 phones to the bluetooth hands free system? Irritating to have to do it manually
  5. Does the 2006 IS250 Premium package w/nav have front & rear bumper sensors to assist when parking?
  6. Phew, i'm not alone. I got ripped up for this post I guess it's all the short IS drivers just showing their jealousy, lol
  7. Wasn't aware that rust was covered under the warranty. Is this only for the duration of the bumper to bumper warranty? Or does it only apply if you had the car rust proofed by the dealer?
  8. Thanks for the info., can't wait to get my original rim back. Dying to drive fast
  9. Well here's the thing. When I initially went over the pothole my front driver's side tire went flat immediately so I had to put the Lexus spare on for a few days. The 'check system' light never went on the entire time. Now I have a spare on the passenger side rear because that rim had to be sent out for repair and the 'check system' light has been on the entire time. Strange it didn't go on with the Lexus spare?
  10. I had my rear passenger rim sent out for repair after hitting that pothole. The tire shop put on a spare that it smaller than the rest of my tires. About 30 min. after driving on the spare the 'Check System' light went on along w/the tire icon. Is it safe to assume everything is okay and the system just recognizes that one of the tires is not in sync with the rest or could it be a more serious issue? My original rim is due back in about 2 weeks.
  11. I have been watching out for potholes all along, the city's just getting more stingy with maintaining the roads. + With some snow on the ground it gets real hard to obviously spot those potholes. Not to mention having a wife in the passenger seat and my one and a half year old son in the back constantly taking my attention away from the road :D Went to Mega Wheelz this morning. They said that my old Dunlop that went flat a few days back was so not repairable, that pothole just killed it. Besides that all the tires were near bald. So I had 4 new tires installed -Toyo Versado LX 215 50 R17. I hope these Toyo's do alot better, and I hope the higher sidewall makes somewhat of a diff. Other than this irritating problem I do love everything else about this car. Wish me luck
  12. That's what my mechanic suggested, to ditch the low profile tires and go with something with a higher sidewall. Any idea what size I am suppose to be looking for? Right now i'm riding on Dunlop SP Sport 5000's 225 45 R17's.
  13. Bad news. Driving to work this morning with my wife & kid, went over another pothole except this time the tire went flat immediately (ugh!) Pulled over onto a side street & put on the donut. I can't believe Lexus doesn't provide a full size spare, even my Celica GTS had a full size. Anyway dealing with these potholes is getting really annoying. Not only did the front driver side tire go flat, but now the rear driver's side tire also has a bulge in the side wall of the tire. Is anyone else having reoccurring issues like this? We're so fed up we're thinking about selling the car now.. I'm driving on the stock Dunlop's. I was thinking maybe if I changed to Bridgestone or any other company i'd have better luck, but i'm being told by the dealer it's the fact the IS250 runs on low profile tires that is causing the problem. Any suggestions? Frustrated.
  14. Does anyone notice a rattling sound from under the hood after starting the car? It lasts just about 1 second. Used to happen once in a while, now it's a bit more frequent. Any idea what it could be?
  15. -Some tire pressure gauges are not exactly accurate, particularly the ones you find at gas stations. Try using a store bought meter. -I'm assuming you're following the tire pressure psi recommendation for the front & rear wheels located on the inner side of the driver's side door? -From what i've read the Tire Pressure Management System needs to be reset if tires are changed. Hope this helps.
  16. The mechanic at the Lex dealer told me the tires I have would probably last me until the next summer. Maybe it'll be time to upgrade to the Potenza's, having this happen to me every winter would be a royal pain :) When you say OEM tires, you're referring to the tires provided by the dealer right? Those are even more expensive than what's listed on Tire Rack
  17. It's listed for $105 + about $35 for shipping, not bad at all! Thanks for the tip, I may just end up ordering this later today
  18. Wow, wish I could get replacement Dunlops for $149, labour included. Not sure how I am going to proceed thus far. Going to take the car to my personal mechanic on Sunday to see if the tire is safe enough to travel on in the meantime. Hopefully I hear back from the city within 2 weeks as stated on that website
  19. Actually the mechanic at the Lex dealership recommended I replace the damage tire with a Bridgestone Potenza . A little more expensive but would save me the cost of having to replace a tire in case I go over anymore huge potholes. He also mentioned that since my vehicle is AWD all 4 tires would have to be of the same brand. Any truth to this? I thought as long as the size of all 4 tires were the same that's all that would matter, why would the brand of the tires be a factor?
  20. Well, according to this story I heard on the news it's a possibility that they may cover the cost of damage. http://www.citytv.com/toronto/citynews/new...n-as-temps-rise Let's see what happens... But man is this frustrating, it's just the start of the winter and it already happened again. Feels like this is going to be a yearly occurance given the quality of our roads and how the salt damages them. Wish I was in a snow-free part of North America :P Then i'd've bought a RWD IS350 <_< My true love..
  21. Well, it happened again. Went over a huge pothole on my way to work, now I have two bulges on the side of the front passenger side tire. Non-repairable, dealer advised it will cost $33 labour + $247.11 tire + tax to replace. I wrote a letter to the city & took pictures of the massive pothole and damage to my tire, apparently they are providing compensation once the investigation is complete. Let's see what happens.. Attached are some pictures
  22. Just keep yourself from sitting in the ISF want one of those so bad!
  23. Winter tires on an IS250 AWD - you got one SAFE ride for the winter ;) Yeah, you really can't tell these rims are refurbs. I was worried the refurbs might not be perfectly circular, God knows how many potholes the previous might've gone over, but the Manager at Lexus On The Park let me come in & witness the tires being mounted to the rims. When they spun there was not a single imperfection. Since then i've hit curbs 3-4x while trying to park nice & adjacent to the side walk, hope I don't see any bubbling anytime soon
  24. The gear should've shifted automatically to prevent the engine from going beyond the start of the red line. Looks like a computer diagnostic check is in order. & Not to worry, you're under warranty. Take it to the dealer. Noticed you are in Toronto, take it to Lexus On The Park - outstanding service
  25. "Lexus Intuitive Parking Assist (IS 350/IS 250 RWD & AWD) • Uses ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles at the front, rear and corners of the vehicle; informs driver of obstacle detection via the multi-information display, the 7-inch multi-display or by sounding a buzzer." As per the 2006 IS250 brochure this feature is included, but I have not come across any such sensors. Might this only be available on the American model? i.e. Canadian models do not include Adaptive Radar Cruise Control feature on the luxury/premium models.
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