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  1. I have a 99 GS4 and had to have a factory rim replaced. It came directly from Lexus (Toyota) and was already chrome. Factory, not sent out.
  2. Alot of hwy driving, maybe 25. Normally around 20 combined city and hwy. Never got close to 30 mpg.
  3. No takers? Will try ebay.
  4. 35 bucks per tire you pay to get it there. Probably about an extra 15 per tire. Good tread. Just had two tires blow and decided to change out all four. List for new Dunlops is 170 and Bridgestones is over 200.
  5. As it says in the title of the post 2 3 5 / 45 / 17 T I R E S. Location central Texas.
  6. I have a Dunlop SP 9000 with about 35k miles with good tread and a Bridgestone REO with the same number of miles. Fits GS4 17 in rims.
  7. Anyone have a 235/45/17 tire they want to get rid of?
  8. What is the recommended service at 75k? My dealer wants to do a whole host of fluid exchanges and check this and that for over 1k. What do you guys think?
  9. Have you considered just trading for a car that has Nav? You would probably be out a couple of grand with the trade, but it's better than trying to do a complicated install. IMO Or better yet just get a good map. :)
  10. I think the tranny will not let you over rev. If you don't shift in time it will shift for you to prevent damage.
  11. 99 GS4 75k. Minor problems: Yaw control sensor, starter. Do you guys change the oil every 3k?
  12. Lexintex, Any interest in a gtg and drive?
  13. Just curious about what you don't like about the DRL's? Couldn't you just pull the bulbs out?
  14. Just replaced the wedge bulb on my 99 GS400 to get rid of that ugly yellow DRL. It's not the main highbeam but a little bulb down in the corner of the housing. I got Polarg M4's off of ebay and they look nice. Good luck.
  15. May not really help with your quesiton, but look in your trunk on the right side and see if there is an amp there. I think the NAK upgrade included the AMP but the standard radio doesn't have it.
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