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  1. Does anyone know the speaker size on the rear door on the rx350? on crutchfield it says that the rx330 has 6.5's in the rear and for the rx350 5.25?
  2. If they really wanted ur car they can just tow it with the autolock, doesnt the ignition die without the computered key anyways?
  3. thats a pretty good price i've seen 1st gens going for that price, did u get it from a dealer or private seller?
  4. whats that swtich between the heated seat buttons? my 99 es300 does not have this?
  5. there is an adapter for the cassette player which will allow you to hook up ur mp3 player
  6. im 17 too most teens my age usually drive is300's if its a lexus not to many drive es300s
  7. i am not to sure, my friend is going to give them to me he said that they are 17x7's
  8. i was just wondering if i could fit a 225 tire on my 99 es
  9. when i start up the car and put it in gear such as R or D the car would suddenly jerk really hard, i would be on a flat road also but when driving the transmission would shift smoothly does anyone know what is wrong with it
  10. I actually have this same problem on my 99 es 300, its very noticeable when i accelerate and the gear changes, it doesnt seem to be power steering because i would hear it just driving straight, i have also changed my tranny fluid and it doesnt seem to go away i would also like to know if there is any fix or if this is normal.
  11. I just bought a 99 lexus es300 and when i let off throttle at times i would hear a little whine from the engine, i was wondering if this was normal or if it is the vvti working? thanks
  12. I was wondering those with gs 400 how many miles per gallon do you guys get?
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