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  1. Thanks for the reply - HOWEVER, I need the instructions for the removal of the shifter trim ONLY, if anyone can help......Thanks
  2. -------------- Thanks, but, I actually need help just getting the plastic cosmetic covers off of the shifter base and then that whole plastic cover underneath the shifter base - where the ashtray sits into. Any ideas? I've seen nice step-by-step photos but ofcourse can't find em' now :-). Jay Do these same instructions apply to a 1999 LS? If not, can someone post istructions for me? Much appreciated.......
  3. This EXACT problem has occurred on my '99LS today. I have check all fuses to no avail. Any ideas/suggestions????
  4. Thanks for the link(s). Since my wife has warped the rotors that are on the car, Time for plan B. How about this.....
  5. Can someone provide me with the Toyota part #'s for front and rear brake pads and shim kit for my '99 LS? I really appreciate your help.
  6. 100% Lexus OEM pads only, You will never have any problems. ;) DC, never say never. Find a Toyota dealer, spend $50-60, and you are ready to go.
  7. Come on - 28 MPG, are you serious? REALLY? I drive mine conservative and can get no better than 24 combined city/hwy.
  8. Double check all the battery terminals, And the neg. battery cable to the body, The terminals should be cleaned well and they have to be tight. Use a wire brush or sand paper. I went through a similar ordeal w/ my GS a few years back and it was the battery terminal contacts. I concur with Mr. Fish - After 30 years of driving, I believe you have a battery connection problem, NOT a starter problem.
  9. The car is 18 years old - with apparantly no problems. I would leave it alone if it were mine.
  10. Thanks for the replys. Anymore suggestions?
  11. I addition to my pair of Lexus' I own, I also own a 2002 Ford Explorer 2WD and guess what? - NO TRANNY DIPSTICK !!! However, I can get underneath the vehicle and check the fluid level. There is a plug that is removable located about two inches below the top of the fluid pan. I unscrew the plug, insert finger, if I "feel" fluid, it is full. Go figure!!!!!!
  12. Can someone post a link as to where is the best place/price to purchase an additional key w/remote? I have just one key and a "credit card" key. Thanks.
  13. My thoughts are the same. 203,000 miles (ES) and always 87 octane. B)
  14. <<<<<< I bought this one (to the left) on ebay a couple of months ago. It is my 2nd Lexus from ebay - both cars come from Florida.
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