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  1. hey thanks a lot i really appreciate your help and evereyone on here is cool... so should i just buy the vehicle speed sensor first and try that.. on the link it says speedometer sensor and speed sensor... autozone only has the vehicle speed sensor... and i need two of them?
  2. alright ill give it a look when i gete time... or i could stop buy my friends shop or something and ill let you kno on the price thank ok i was changin my oil today and i was lookin at the tranny... umm which freaking plug is it... i saw like 4 plugs today
  3. Regular is regular (87) and mid grade is midgrade (89-91). Premium is 93 around here. I have found that Shell around here does not have ethenol and has no plans to use it. The car will adjust for the grade, thus no pre-detonation. Buy Shell and BP since they don't buy from the middle east. hi there... i just bought a 92 ls400 and i didnt know which gas to put in.. so it is ok that i used 87 oct at shell?
  4. I discovered what the blinking LEDs are for. I appears to be a very stealthy installation of an after market LIDAR detector. I have had the car for 8 months without knowing about the detector and just accidentally activated the system by touching a hidden switch with my foot. The only visible parts are the two warning LEDs, which are not visible when inactive, and a power on light near the mirror adjustment pad. Very cool. what does the "LIDAR" mean casuse i just started to notice my car is dinging when i turn the car off and take the key out andd and open the door...
  5. hey guys.. for some reason the reverse lights dont come on... the bulbs aree still good... is there a fuse that i could check?... i looked at the fuses under the hood and under the driver side on those fuses..
  6. alright ill give it a look when i gete time... or i could stop buy my friends shop or something and ill let you kno on the price thank
  7. yea i see it now... i guess when i was messing with it i didnt have the car on.. i turned it off and on when i had the car on and i see it now... thanks guys
  8. alaright thannks ... im gonna go look to see if the switch is bye my shifter and ill be back later... gotta go somewhere, thanks guys
  9. so preferably to save more gas i should havee it off right?.. thanks
  10. anything with vibration.. i would try the tires first, it is cheaper to start with and yea 6k miles is about the time to re rotate them too.. good luck...
  11. can anyonee tell me what this means..."ect power' i was driving and i hit the top of my cluster to see if my speedometer would work and then the light turned on for that ..anyone?
  12. hi everyone, i hope in in the right spot this time, i think i was in the uk area before... im new to this posting stuff im also new to the toyota and lexus scene, im used to hondas... i just picked up a 1992 lexus ls400.. and guys... my speedomter aint working.... everything else is... is there anything i can do to fix it or do i have to just replace the whole cluster? o yea and my reverse lights arent working... help please...thanks