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  1. I know everyone has thier own taste regarding rims but that is a good thing otherwise we would all have the same rims..I have the 18" Chrome rims that came stock but wanted something different, I was looking for a 5 spoke black rim with some chrome accents. It was a pain in the butt to find some that fit. It took Discount Tire five times to find a set of rims that would fit over the calipers on my LS430. I wanted the Gianna Blitz Black with chrome inserts and even though the distributor said they would fit. They do not. FUSION TRACE's will not fit. DUB's would not fit. Even though they were not my first choice last week I put these 18" Motegi MR107's on and I am very happy with them. I'm just giving you all that are looking for rims to make sure that where you are ordering them from to make they will pay for the freight charges when they have to ship them back because they don't fit.
  2. Consumers reports just came out with thier top 10 list and the Lexus LS460 is the number 1 car. It missed a perfect score of 100 by 1 point. Proud to be a Lexus owner!
  3. I put mine here. They are PIAA fog lights
  4. Here is something I found on this subject from Lextreme
  5. Sounds like the Alternator for sure.. Have autozone test it..
  6. iF You go to SAT and it says UPLOADING then you have the reciever module, you just don't have the subscription to XM... Go to channel 000 and it will tell you your receivever ID...You can then call XM and get a subscription If you don't have channel 000 then you don't have the receiver module and you will need to purchase it.... Your NAV system already has inputs and is XM ready.. XM is all I listen to in my LS ... BPM station 081
  7. Bob, (ls400) When you turn your lights on and your panel lights DIM, that is by design. There is a wire on the back of your unit that is connected to your light switch. When your lights go on it dims the panel lights because it assumes it is night time and you don't need as much light. You can override this by disconnecting that wire.
  8. I believe IS400 was referring to the stock subwoofer.. If you vent the the trunk for the stock subwoofer, you WILL in fact lose bass performance as the trunk acts as the BOX for the subwoofer. Since you have an additional sub enclosure in your trunk. You WILL benefit from having a port open from your trunk into the vehicle.. I would recommend removing the stock sub and let that be your port... Your Vented box is way out performing your stock sub..
  9. Welcome to the club.. Sounds like you got a pretty good deal. Your LS should have had a timing belt replaced at 90K. That would be the biggest issue I would research. If it has not been replaced you should have it done. Your taillight addition will get mixed reviews on this forum.. Just remember it is YOUR LS and it does not matter what other people think.. If you like it, that's all that matters. You will absolutely love this car.. Have fun with it. Like the commercial says.. "When you turn your car on, does it return the favor" and the answer is "Why Yes it does" Of course that is not a Lexus commercial but it should have been.. In regards to your speakers, you can replace them with after market.. Look at and see what they have to offer.
  10. The NAV and Radio's do not use the same antenna. Your XM or Sirus antenna may be a black box on the trunk lid or rear of your car but your GPS Antenna is located up front.. Do you not have SAT as an option for your audio selections? If you do, they should have put your SIRIUS inputs there instead of FM modulating it.
  11. Nice Lexus survival story..! Its nice for you to able to join our forum and tell us about it..
  12. Coolant is possibly low. Thermostat could be stuck open.. Is the air warm at all?
  13. Looks GREAT the way it is... No drop necessary.. Good choice on wheels
  14. Are you sure the manuals are missing? The pictures of your car from the listing show them! By the way, good looking car! Exactly like mine except for the NAV.. You are going to love it once you get everything fixed. I would say you did pretty good.