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  1. I just had this same exact problem. Went out with my wife and when we got into the car to go home, nothing. I got out and checked the battery terminals and they were loose. Tightened them and off I went. Next day I went to have BATT tested and it read 12.41 volts, checked out ok. I replaced the terminal connectors since they were no longer holding. Went with all lead terminals instead of the stock thin metal ones. Worked great for about 80 miles. The second day I was on the highway and started to experience a battery light, headlights went dim, and poor engine performance. Got off a
  2. I don't see they have any. Any links please.
  3. Where can I purchase new weather strip for my front & back doors. Dealer's parts are too expensive. Anyone knows?
  4. I just fixed my trunk leaks in the weekend. I removed the weather strip from the trunk, also cleaned up the moist and dirt build up on the edge of the rubber. Since, the weather strip is still in good condition, I use silicon to reseal the it back on the trunk then keep the trunk close tight for a day. Now, it looks good as new.
  5. My trunk is leaking, I see the water runs down from the back wall where the trunk's lock located. Anyone have the same problem? and know how to resolve this? Replacement for weather strip from Dealer is $154.00 Thanks in advance.
  6. Anyone know if I can replace 98 LEXUS STEREO with my current one model LEXUS LS 400 1995, with current model does not label as Nakamichi, I assume that its Pioneer model.
  7. Fully load 1995, everything still original, 170K miles. Interesting please call 925 518 5431. Thanks
  8. Scott, when you said the wire on the back of the unit that is connect to the light switch, what color of the wire exactly? There are 3 connector Blue (small) White and Gray. I assume the wires must be locate in one of this connector. Does in the back of the circuit board label any name for this wire? My backlight only lit up when I press on the back or the side of the radio case then it will cause them to light up fine at night time with head light is on. I suspect there were some loose solder or components, but there were none. Does anyone here has Pioneer service manual? Jeremy
  9. Hello guys, Today I made some progress with fixing my stereo backlight and LCD display. First you guys can order your parts from I would order the awhole LCD INDICATOR ASSY instead of just the LCD itself. Regarding to the backlight problem, you need to have a pioneer service manual, they will provide the location and part of power supply where it fails your back light. Here some examples below where I oder the parts and costs. This will save you about $100.00 from shipping to radio repair man. Good luck to all.
  10. Initially I thought my Fan Bracket bearing was making noise. So I did some reading here and try to remove it, but while removing it, I also found out the Tensioner bearing was bad then replaced them. After replaced them, noise still there then I replaced the belt idler bearing and the serpentine belt. Now, my car is running smooth at start up. The idle always set 1100rpm rather than 1500-1700rpm. So, for those of you have problem with high idle problem. This could be solved if you replaced these items. Happy ending.
  11. The mats (#PT208-30980-08) are $110.40. It looks like Those parts are not sold seperatly. Here is a picture of how Lexus sells it. You may have to try used. Thanks for the fast reply!!where can i get used parts like this ,do u guys have any phone number i can deal with?Oh yeah my radio display is bad too,any reasonable solution on that one ?Thanks again. Please give me a quote on these folowing Items and also shipping charge. I need a tensioner assembly serpentine belt Cabin filter (charcoal) type. Stereo LCD Car model LS400 1995 ZIPCODE 44907
  12. I want to purchase some parts online for my Lexus, but don't know which website that sell OEM parts that can be trust worthy. Anyone here had a good and bad experience of purchasing online, please list them. Thanks
  13. I just removed the whole tensioner assembly, I wonder if I can just replace the bearing only instead of the entire tensioner assembly. Where can I purchase it? So far, I got a quote from Imported Replacement Part for $129.99 and it comes as exact the picture show here.
  14. I am having the same problem right now, and I am about to replace the entire tensioner from Imported Replacement Parts which only cost me $129.99.
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