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  1. Hello Guys, My mechanic is trying to figure out why the high side pressure to my airconditioner keeps going up. I dont have many details, but can anyone explain to me what could make the system rack up pressure as you use the air. It normally acts up in really hot dry weather. It is fine when it is cooler. I am the guy with the post that says the air makes the intermittent noise like a balloon letting out air and then you smell and see a little freon shoot out. Thanks
  2. I had the egr 71 malfunction and replaced the egr modulator ,cost about a hundred bucks at the dealer, then cleared the check engine light. I have not had any more problems.
  3. Thanks so much. I will tell the mechanic. He seems to be stumped. He keeps testing and finding the pressure going up on the high side but nothing is making sense as to why.
  4. I guess no one has had this problem?
  5. Hello Guys, Last summer my air was not working and I replaced pretty much every part in the system. It began making this noise that sounds like flatulance(farting) or letting air out of a balloon that you just inflated before tieng it, and throwing off what i believe to be freon. We replaced several denso new air compressors at a mechanic shop until we finally got it working. All winter long I have been using it to defog windows and on warmer days at mild tempatures. The first really hot day we got, i cranked it up and this noise is now happening again. What did the mechanic do wrong so I can ring his neck when I take it back to him to leave it yet another time. Also If you could recommend a good mechanic in Atlanta Georgia for this car , I would appreciate it . I am tired of morons who dont understand this car hurting , not helping my vehicle. Thanks my wise friends
  6. Hello Fellas, I was wondering if you could recommend a good mechanic in Georgia who really knows these cars. I grow weary of mechanics who guess and never look at any of the items that we discuss on here when there is something wrong with my car. 1991 lexus ls 400 Thanks
  7. I just had the same problem and turned out to be wheel bearing. Cost about 260 to fix. hope this helps.
  8. Hey Guys, On my 91 lexus ls400 , along with the high idle until the car warms up, when I turn the air up it idles back up to the same level as when you start it in the cold. Once it is warm . I can start air and it will build up the idle and stop when it is less than 1 slot on the rpm, if i turn air off , it idles back down. What could cause this. Thanks
  9. I would apprecaiate that. Please send to Also does the fumes come from this issue or has anyone else had a code 71 with no fumes.
  10. Hello Guys, I have a 1991 ls400 with about 162000 on it and I need to get to the bottom of a couple of things. 3 things actually: First, my car seems to have no alignment on the highway. My friend worked on my car and while he was under there he told me that my sway bar bolts were just hanging and he would screw them in . He told me later that he tried to tighten but they had nothing to tighten to. What can be done to get them tight again. Next, my car seems to slow a lot as if i have the overdrive on when i coast at speeds around 60 or more on the highway.If I step on the gas it picks back up fine but if i coast, it slows like i was slightly breaking. I know for sure the overdrive button is not pressed in. I had the trans fluid changed to synthetic about 8 months ago. Gears change fine otherwise. What else could this be.....? Last , i get a lot of fumes in my car most days and few with out. I have a code 71 right now as well when i check the codes. I have reset it and it came back on in an hour of driving. No noise besides maybe a light flutter on accel and i dont see any performance being effected. Just lots of rich fuel fumes and the light. I need to figure out how to tell myself if it is the egr pipe, or gas tempature sensor , without paying for both, or something else it could be. I took filter out of the vacuum mod and replaced with sponge material for now. Help....?
  11. Hey Guys, I am experiencing the symptoms you all describe with the flutter while reving the engine and i am pulling a code 71, egr failure with the check engine light on so i am assuming i have the busted pipe. I also experience exhaust smell coming in the car at different times while driving. I wanted to know what am i hurting by driving the car this way until i get the money to address the repair. Will the car eventually not run or am i hurting one of the systems in the car. Thanks
  12. Hello Guys, I wanted to know if anyone else has had the cabin of the vehicle constantly seeming like the heat is on. While im driving i dont feel any fans blowing at any vents but it constantly seems like the heat is being thrown at me, even with the air set to maximum cool but the air will not be on. I dont have heated seats that I can tell and when I bought the car the driver seat is not even hooked up where it can move, no electrical engines on it. But on a hot day you can get in the car and it will be already hot, then when it moves additional heat is being thrown at me?
  13. Can the differential have anything to do with my 91 ls 400 feeling like it needs motor mounts. My mechanic said the mounts are strong, but I feel to much shifting of the car when i put in reverse or go to drive. And when i am driving there is a delay in the shift, but I know it is nothing wrong with tranny?
  14. It does bump up upon engaging. r134 . I will find out how much oil in system. Talked with mechanic he said compressor was full of oil and he added two ounces. He said he can try to add more if i want but he thought that would be enough. I want to know what you think. Air blows well, just that slight wine or humm when i turn on compressor. car seems harder to accelerate when the air is on. I will have him check pressure but he said he checked it and it was fine before he gave me the car back. I will also have to have it checked for the ground and amps. I had a reman on another car (not a Lexus) and it was noisy too and pulled the motor down a bit. Sounds like it's just a low quality reman. I hope not for 500 dollars
  15. Please give me more info . I spoke with a mechanic at work and in his country they convert cars to propane and drive. He has been watching this technology and swears it should work based on the model. We are going to buy one that cost 60 bucks and put on his truck to see what it does......