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  1. Hey hewitttech thanks 4 keeping this thread going. Cool 2 c others doing this 2 thier Lexus, here is latest pic of our rx300 without the matching spare in roof rack basket, daughter is getting it soon as she is turning 16 so...... Going 2 do a rx330 next.
  2. don't think they make lift kit 4 these... I just used the large size leveling coil spring insert I bought from oreilly's auto part store
  3. well only took it mudding 2 times and was very surprised how well it did, actually makes a good mudder . well didn't get stuck anyway and no mud tires .. lol ... we had it on some mild offroad adventures, it does very well with ground clearance set up like it is now but will find your limit quickly if you combine steep grade with too much twist... I found once 1 wheel is off the ground the party is over, without a low range and no locking center or axle diffs. its not ever going to be a rock crawler, but does just great everywhere else and is simply awesome in the snow and on the rural grave
  4. lifted my wifes lexus rx300 with load leveling inserts from any auto parts store..... I also added 2 inch wheel spacers to put the bigger 255/65/16 all terrain tires on it.. spacer are a must or bigger tires will hit the rear strut towers.. I painted the old two tone grey area with a diamond back look with dolphins ghosted in... my wifes favorite animal.... tires were supposed to have white letters ... got to shop and none so I painted the tires and the ik painted the tires????? well just completed and was very cloudy day so must excuse pics as they are not that good. its just a
  5. easy way to lift these rx300 because it is basically a car platform is to use leveling inserts... I lifted my wifes' rx300 2 inches and put some 31" tires on it... however u must use a spacer or u cannot put a taller tire on theses cars without hitting the rear strut. I used a general grabber 255/65/16 on the stock wheels. great tire on all surfaces and awesome in snow.
  6. just though i would share a new twist on an old model

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