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  1. I've bought 3 RX 350's since 2003. I've done a lot of my own mtc. because many of the local Lexus techs don't know jack about these cars. I'm disappointed about the lack of assistance from Toyota on the mtc. issue.
  2. Well, we're back to ghosts unlocking doors after they've been locked with either fob. A few months ago, we went through a spell over a 2 week period where we'd lock the car when we parked it in our driveway, only to find the car unlocked the next morning. No windows down and the sunroof remained closed. When we weren't driving the car, both fobs were hanging on a key rack in our house so there was no chance the unlock buttons on the fobs were pushed. The repetitive unlocking only lasted a week or so and it hasn't repeated in the past several weeks. Not sure what's happening with this car, but I'm also not sure where to even start looking for the cause. If the dealership doesn't know, and the regional Lexus mechanic training representative doesn't know, then this "shade tree mechanic" surely doesn't know. We've just decided to include a prayer for our car in our nightly prayers and hope for the best.
  3. The local Lexus dealer kept the car for 5 weeks, removed the dash, door panels and reloaded software. Their explanation was "we've never seen this before, don't know what caused it to happen, and don't know how to fix it". So, they turned off the feature (it's not one of the "personalizations" you can select yourself), gave us the car back and said "good luck". Luckily the work they did was covered under warranty. They also took both remotes apart and replaced the batteries. The technician said inside one of the remotes, there was a small "sticker" that he removed that was apparently affixed by the manufacturer, but he doesn't think it was anywhere close to being thick enough to actuate the remote that would in turn, open the windows, the sun roof and unlock the doors just by being in a purse or pocket. Based on the "tight pants" experience others have recorded on this forum, my money is on the problem being caused by the sticker, even as tiny as it was. Electronic devices usually don't just decide to activate on their own without some external cause. This problem hasn't repeated in over a year, so I'm guessing we're in the clear.
  4. My 2013 RX350 on 3 consecutive occasions this week has greeted me in the parking lot (not the same lot location) after work with all windows down, the sunroof open and all doors unlocked. On the first occasion, I locked the doors manually from the driver's door when I exited. The second occasion, I used my FOB to lock the doors and on the 3rd occasion, I used my wife's FOB. Luckily nothing was taken and there was no rain, but this is scary. Both front door lock actuators were replaced 3 months ago, but these incidents just happened this week. The car battery (original battery, 44k miles, 2013 model) has not been disconnected nor has any other work been done within the past 3 months other than a routine oil change 2 weeks ago. I've seen several listings on multiple sites where owners have stated this has happened to their Lexus (various models), but I can't locate where someone has stated the cause and a fix. I typically do all the routine mtc. myself, including the door actuator locks (replaced the small motors instead of entire actuators for $6 each side), but this may be an issue for the dealer. Can some one please assist?
  5. My 2000 RX300 has a cruise control memory problem. After disengaging the control by pressing the brake pedal, if I don't reengage within a minute or so, the cruise control doesn't seem to remember what speed the control was set at prior to disengagement. This requires me to go through the process of setting the control speed again. If I disengage and then reengage again with 20-30 seconds, there is no problem. Is this a problem easily fixed by an owner with general mechanical knowledge, or does this require a software/hardware fix?