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  1. Is it a direct replacement if not how hard is it to install this, can a mechanical person that doesn't have too much knowledge of audio install it?
  2. I actually have already bought tires. I ended up going with the goodyear eagle f1 gsd3. They are awesome. Price was about average as compared with all other in its class. I decided on this tire based on tire directs test. I am very pleased with these tires. Thanks for your suggestions.
  3. I just recently bought some 18x7.5 rims and need to get tires. I want a high performace tire that performs very good in water. I don't want to pay way too much like 250 a tire, b/c that is more than I paid for the rims. The tire size I am looking at are 225/40/18 and 215/35/18. What are the differences in the tires?
  4. I have just bought a set of rims and the width is 7.5 in is this going to be ok or is there going to be problems?
  5. The light on the dash saying that one of my bulbs was out went on. Well I diagnosed it with one of the bulbs in the bottom of the rear window. The ones that go on when you press the brakes. I tried getting to it but there was no acces hole or anything. The only open hole was the one for the rear speaker. My car is a 1996 ls 400.
  6. I think the car looks pretty good. I would imagine in some different colors it would looks good. They just did the styling similar to the BMW in the sense that they look more futuristic. I personally agree with SpectraBlue: That would be an amazing vehicle. I personally feel that the style will grow. It did lose that unique look with the bubble headlights. I wonder if it has the revolving headlights like the new ls.
  7. I have a 96 ls 400 and the previous owner had a phone built in the car. I have no use for these thing and took it all out. The only thing I could not get out is the bracket. It is located to the left of the stereo about half way up between the black plastic and the brown vinyl. I am wondering how do I get this thing out? I probably have to take apart the dash, but how do I do that?
  8. I have a 96 ls 400 with the pioneer system. What kind of subs does my car have? I am thinking of upgrading and puting the box with the subs in the trunk. Has anyone else done something similar to this?
  9. I have a 96 ls400 and my mom drives a 98 gs400. The cars are not comparable. For instance, the ls400 is a nice car to drive around in and can get a little aggressive when it needs to. But the car's overall comfort is just amazing. The brakes seem gradual and so does the gas pedal. Now the gs400 in my opinoin feels tight going from an ls to a gs. But like previous posts have said they are physically smaller. The car drives more sporty. Its got balls, the 2 cars may have the same engine but man does it drive different. Also the handling is a lot better there is a lot less body roll in corners. Also when driving on the highway you can hear the road whereas in the ls you cannot. I don't know if the new ls have this option or not but the gs has the shift on the steering wheel accessory and that can be nice for going around corners for fun. Also when you barely touch the brakes in the gs it starts to stop whereas the ls you have to push it down a bit. In my opinoin I like the gs becuase it is sportier, but my mom would drive my car anyday over hers becuase she just likes the comfort and luxury of the ls. But I have not yet driven the new ls430 with euro tuned suspension so that could change some things as far as handling. Good luck. Also the newest model of the gs400 is 1998 anything before that was the gs300 with the inline six, still a great car but with less hp.
  10. I am looking into remote starts and maybe an alarm. The system I liked the best so far is LYNX 2000 LCD PAGER REMOTE START CAR ALARM. I have looked on the website and I talked to the installers in my area and it sounds like they have never installed this system before and would only charge me by hour and who knows how long it will take them. Do you guys have any experience with this system and if you are in the chicago area could you recommend a good installer of this product. thanks
  11. I was in search of a kit, bought couldn't find one. I was on ebay and bought the 70 dollar k%n filter. Helped alot car is a lot better and sounds so much cooler. Its a lot throatier.
  12. I just did full replacement of all my headlight bulbs to silverstars, I got H4, 9006, 9005. I got two bulbs for 30 each. In my opinoin I spent around 100 bucks and it was worth it. The white look is awesome. I love my silverstars. If I had more money I would love to get actualy HID. Did they have HID available from the dealer in 96? If so I could check around for junked cars? Aslo are HID only for low beams or are the low/high?
  13. thanks, the previous owner said he did all maintence when the dealer contacted him, and we know the guy he is a friend so he wasn't gonna lie. I got the car at 120K so it was already changed.
  14. Around how many miles do you guys change these things? What are some symptoms of a timing belt going bad? How much does a replacement normally cost?
  15. wow for 800 I'll let my butt freeze.
  16. That car seems awesome. I wish my ls had a 6 speed tranny. Also I like the revolving headlights for when you are cornering. Thanks for the good link!
  17. The light lights up so it could possibly be a bad heater? Becuase of constant use from a pervious owner? I will check under the seat. Thanks
  18. Who has the most miles on their ls 400? I want to know becuase I have 127,000 and want to see how long it will go for?
  19. I checked the fuse. The passenger side works. Does anyone have a clue? I don't want to bring it to the dealer for something prolly simple to fix. Thanks.
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