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  1. ChuckB SWEEEEEEEET!!!!!! What size and kind of rubber are you running on your car? The wheels I can pick up are wheels only no tires - I have been reading great things about General Tire - Exclaim UHP on tire rack and some of the reveiws are people with GS430's. Thanks
  2. I really like :D the 06 18" wheels on the GS430. I have a chance to buy a set of 4 cheap - Will I need spacers to make them fit my 03 Gs300, (to clear the brakes)? Has anyone allready done this? Thanks for any help!!
  3. 2003 GS300 35,000 miles And Lexus is repainting the hood and bumper after talking to the regional manager :D
  4. NO I would not buy another one. As much as I love my car for some many features and quality, the paint job is so bad I don't think I can go back. I purchased the car new (fall of 2003), I have 32,000 miles on it already, and the paint is chipping off like there is a non-stick layer under my paint. Dealer says its normal, I want a new paint job. I have owned around 13 cars over time and this is the most expensive car I have ever purchased and the worst pant job. Hello Infinity M35 Sport
  5. I am looking at these same wheels and asking the same questions. I have found them on ebay for a lot less money than the dealer here in Austin is willing to sell them for. The ebay site that is selling these wheels is a Lexus dealer in Dallas. What I really want are the 7 spoke, chrome, 17' wheels that are on the 430 - the dealer here wants $700 per wheel (OUCH). I have been looking on ebay and searching salvage yards trying ot find some cheaper than that. Good luck if you buy these wheels - I may be following soon. GS-SportDesign
  6. Sorry: I am not of any help - my 2003 is still under warrantee, so the dealer is doing all my work on the car. I have owned the car for just 18 months and have 30,000 miles on it, so I have been reading this tread carefully. It will not be long and I will be looking for someone in Austin to work on my car other that Lexus of Austin. Hope to hear of good results.
  7. My car came with the black pearl emblems and someone took the LEXUS off of my car. I got a new one for $50.00 at the dealer, and the put it on for free. But that was just for the Lexus and not the entire set. I would guess the set would be $150. Hope this helps
  8. You can program anything that has a remote -- Gate at the entry to you community, Auto on/off light controls for inside or outside our house, Gate to the parking garage at work, and of course your garage door at your house. Hope this helps
  9. I think you did get robbed. I have a 2003 GS300 and take it to the dealer every 5,000 miles for oil change, tire rotation and such (they give me a car of the day). The 15,000 service on my car was $257.00 - that include engine and AC air filters and a few other things. Maybe things are cheaper in Texas, but I would look for a different dealer. Good luck
  10. I know, the touch up paint is not smooth, but at least the white from the surface under the black paint is not standing out, looking like . To top it off, I got my car detailed and that process pulled off most of my touch up work. So I will be redoing that this weekend. I got the same story from my dealer here, it's the shape of the front of the car. Never heard that one before. I am not familiar with a film over the cars paint on the front. It is like a spray on clear car bra? thanks
  11. My GS300 is a 2003 with 21,000 miles on it, (just 12 months old). My paint (black), is chipping all over around the front grill, head lights, and up and down the hood. The dealer is saying this is not uncommon. I have owned many cars over the years and have never had this kind of problem. I love my car, but this paint thing is ridiculous. I am trying to get a new paint job on the hood and grill area. Am I out of line? Thanks
  12. I have a 2003 Black GS300 Sportdesign with clear lens and yellow bulbs. Go with the yellow bulbs!
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