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  1. Hey guys...wife had a small accident in the '90 LS and I'm in need of a passenger side headlight assembly and grille assembly. Can anybody recommend a decent used parts source??? Thanks so much!!! :o
  2. A 1990 with 125K on it. I am the second owner and have put about 15K on it. Has new caps, rotors, plug wires, plugs, timing belt, water pump and all that stuff. New front brakes, rotors. Has wood trim package on the dash and doors. It's the burgundy color with dark silver bottom and dark brown interior. It doesn't show up on the carfax but the passenger side rear door has been repaired. Excellent driving car at $5400 562-493-0128 Long Beach, CA
  3. Lexls...did the codes show up on your Lexus to indicate the sensors were bad? My '90 has 124K on it but am not showing any trouble at this point. Wondering if I should keep on keeping on until they go bad or change them because of the mileage. <_<
  4. I have owned a '90 LS400 for about three years and always thought the front sets were quite comfortable...not so my wife. I was only recently informed that she thought the seats were barely adequate (suffering in silence as they often do). I know this is terribly subjective but are the gen II seats more comfortable than gen I? or, is there another model I should be looking at? She has a bad back and likes to be cradled in a seat much like a recarro racing seat. I may have a dilema here as I wouldn't mind moving up to a gen II LS400. Any thoughts, subjective or otherwise on this?
  5. Has anybody replaced their front wheel bearing(s) and how much of a job is it to do? Would love to see a tutorial on this. Thanks for any info!
  6. I changed out my caps and rotors by tugging on the lower half of the distributor cap covers to get enough rooom to remove the caps and rotors. Didn't realize I was scarring the timing belt in the process and so guess what?...I now have a new timing belt, water pump etc. because of this stupid, costly mistake. The bottom half of the cover is apparently sharp enough to do some major damage to the belt. So be careful when doing this!! :cries: Other than that, it's a perfect world.
  7. Well...I was able to feel around and found two more bolts at the bottom of the the housing/cover that hides the distributor, timing belt, etc. Good thing I have the "hands of a surgeon" or I would never have gotten these off. Was able to change out the cap/rotor on the driver side along with the coil wire and two of the plug wires which were in very bad shape. One of my plug wires just pulled right out of the valve cover without any difficulty because it was essentially rotted through. These engines are amazing when it comes to running under adverse circumstances. I'm going to try the passenge
  8. Well I give up...I have the top covers off the engine that conceals the plugs, wires, distributor cap, etc. but can't figure out how the bottom half of the distributor housing is attached to the engine. Feels like there is bolt somewhere holding the bottom half on but I cant find it. Very frustrating! I'm trying to replace the plug wires and the distrivbutor caps/rotors, but have been stalled by not being able to get to the cap to replace it. Any ideas?
  9. Thanks for the reply...on the planetsoarer site they have a tech article that says the wires for the V8 should be between 5-15, preferably on the high side. So I'm thinking that right around 20 +/- should be in the ballpark.
  10. Anybody know the correct resistance range for the spark plug wires on a '90 LS400? I have some new wires and want to check them out before installing. Thanks!! :D
  11. I want to check the engine manifold vacuum. As you probably know most V8's draw around 22 inches at idle and the needle remains steady so I want to chek that I don't have a vacuum leak somewhere. Thanks!
  12. Anybody know of a handy place to hook up a vacuum gauge for diagnostic purposes on a '90 LS400? :o
  13. Hello...if you're referring to the post regarding the replacement of the mototr mounts and trans mount by 95ls400bob, that's for a 95. I assume the trans mount for a 90 is different since it has a different part number and a different price. thanks.
  14. Anybody have pictures of the engine and tranny mounts they can post for a 1990 LS400? Would be much appreciated. Thanks! :o
  15. Thinking about switching the front seat bottoms (just the leather) so that the passenger side seat leather will end up on the driver's side and vice versa. Anybody done this ? :o
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