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  1. Thanks for the responses. I'll look at the GE and the Silverstars and choose one to replace the bulbs in my car. I never noticed the sloppy beam pattern created by the lens. It might be partially because i'm still using the yellow bulbs? The HID kits IMO are a bit too much to spend on the lighting system.
  2. Thanks for the responses so far. How much of a difference between real HID lights and Silverstars are there? Those $300+ HID kits are a bit too much for me to spend on car headlights but i'll keep them in mind.
  3. Hi, my ls-400 has the default yellow headlights. I would like to make the road more visible at night as well as make my car seem newer by installing bright white ones. I was on Sylvania's site and they selected the Silverstar 9004ST. It has 700/1200 lumens. The 1200 refers to when it's on high beam right? What is the lumens for the default yellow ones? Would it be worth it to upgrade the wiring so that I can use something like the 9003ST with 910/1500 lumens? I have heard of people ugrading their wiring but i'm not sure what it involves. Can I just walk into a store such as Autozone and ask for wiring? Thanks
  4. Thanks, I'll try to remove it this weekend and look around for loose screws
  5. Hm... I'm unable to find the previouis thread about the door. How would I remove the door panel to check for loose things?
  6. Hi, when I bought my 91 Ls-400 last summer, it was in perfect shape with no extra noise. Now that it's cold in the morning, I let it warm up 5 minutes before I drive. But when i'm driving, I can hear a rattling noise around the area of the front passanger door. Is there a way to locate the rattling noise and stop it? Thanks
  7. Thanks, does anyone else have any experience with the cost of replacing the timing belt? That 600-850, does it cover labor? When I got this car, it had 120k miles on it, what is the best way to check if the original owner has replaced it or not? This might be a dumb question but do I really need to change the water pump along with the timing belt?
  8. Hi, I have a 91 Lexus LS400 and have a quick question. How many miles do I need to replace the timing belt? thanks
  9. hm... Do you happen to know how much the Lexus dealer charges to make additional copies of the key without the remote? Or can I go to a keymaker and have him duplicate it? If it's cheaper that way, I might just get an aftermarket alarm system.
  10. I just bought a 91 LS400 with 120k miles. I only got 1 key for the car and the key doesn't have tbe built in remote control. I would like to get somemore keys made with the remote control. I went on e-bay and looked around and couldnt' find a remote with the same FCC id as mine (HYQ1512A). Is there somewhere else I can go to get one without going to the dealer? thanks
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