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  1. Thanks for the great writeup. I agree that it is practically a 'miracle' product. One tip for getting that rejuvenator oil deep into the leather is to slather it all over the leather, and then wrap the seats up with garbage bags or other plastic (tarp, etc) and let it sit in the sun for a few days. This really allows the dried leather to soak up the nutrients and oil.
  2. These are leather 3rd-row seats that will fit all 100 series (1998-2007) Landcruiser or Lexus LX470. Asking $550 plus shipping (will likely run ~$100 for shipping), or pickup in NW Colorado. The leather is in excellent condition, and includes headrests:
  3. Clear turn signal lamps, in great condition (these are the turn signals below the headlights, NOT the corner lamps next to the headlight). Compare to $50+$10 shipping for new. Asking $40 shipped. Includes bulbs. This is an easy 10-minute upgrade that really modernizes the front of the car. Pictures below are of the actual corners:
  4. Ditch the CD player and hack into the CD changer audio wires that run from the trunk and feed into the headunit: they are located under the center console (under the gear selector panel). Voila--cheap and easy MP3 feed that sounds way better than a cassette adapter!
  5. Welcome! Lots of good and friendly advice around here!
  6. Good work. Keep in mind that Meg's uses a lot of filler, so things look REALLY good right after you apply the product...however, since even the swirl remover (if used by hand) is mostly filling in the swirls and not actually removing them (you need the heat from a PC or Orbital to effectively break down the polishing compound), they look really good right after you finish, but the swirls will 'pop' back up in a matter of weeks. Best to go ahead and address the swirls with a PC or Orbital. It's not any more work than what you did, and you actually correct the paint rather than cover it up.
  7. Would be interested in seeing the cutoff pattern to see if HID would work well in these!
  8. Yes--the process is called reverse flushing, and I've done this on other cars...just not the LS: Find the coolant lines that enter/exit the heater manual should be able to tell you which is which. Then unplug both lines, and hook up water pressure (I've done it with garden hose with narrowed down brass hose attachment since I have good water pressure from the faucet) to the EXIT line. You will see goop and crud come out of the INLET side (may want to attach the inlet side to another drain hose so the crud gets to the ground and not all over your engine compartment). Reconnect b
  9. Agreed on the Silverstar life vs. OEM. However, I'm having much better luck with the Silverstar Ultra in terms of longer life over the regular Silverstar.
  10. I would look to the PS pump (check fluid) or alternator. Squeals are more linked to belts--the LS400 whine is usually the other 2 things.
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