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  1. What do you mean by "Sleeve The Block"? I'm really considering to Bore and Stroke my 1uzfe before I supercharge.
  2. OK, so I was pulling my SC out of my driveway when I suddenly notice the Engine light and the TRAC off light on. I'm taking it for a tune up next week. Before the dealer could tell me that I need I new LSD or something, is there a fuse that perhaps burned out? IF so, where? Thank you!
  3. I've got a 400 too and I spent about a week pouting and wishing I would have gotten the 300. Then I got more involved in my search for performance for the 1UZFE. There are a few options out there. You can order a Supercharger kit from an Aussie fella ( He says the kit will increase power by at least 30% running 5.5psi. You can also Stroke and Bore your 1UZFE to a 5.5 and maybe supercharge from there. When I save up the money I think I will do that, Bore and Stroke to a 5.5 and then Supercharge. Should put up some good competition to the turbo 300's out there.
  4. I read in the PlanetSoarer Website Forums that the Twin Supercharger from the 4.0 Jaguar engine fits the 1UZFE. I also read that you can port and polish the 4.0 1UZFE into a 5.5 Liter. Look into that definitely.
  5. OK. How much is a lot of money? About 10K to 16K just for the Supra. The companies here change minor stuff but charge a !Removed! for it. R32 price for the mods are about 14g's, 16-18g's for the R33 and 20-25g's for a R34. As you may know, all the Japanese specifications vehicles (JDM car) are Right Hand Drive. Unfortunately, it is difficult to import JDM cars into the US at present except the 25 years or older model. It is because you have to obtain the approval from the DOT and the EPA in order to import the JDM car and it needs to legalize a car when it will reach to the US port. Le
  6. I just came from Okinawa (The West Virginia of Japan) and opted not to buy a 96 Turbo Supra I saw. Nothing about that beast was stock. It was going for about $15g's. I looked into a lot of companies and they told me all the mods that have to be done, they all came up to a lot of money. Not to mention the Taxes that Good ol' Uncle Sam is going to take from you. In all, if you plan to bring in a $50K Skyline from Okinawa or Japan, prepare to dish out another 25g's on Modifications and Taxes. All this has to be done in the 180 days that the Gov't gives you to do the mods. Oh yeah, the modi
  7. I recently cleaned my headlights with a soft scrub pad and toothpaste. Just rub along with the lines of the headlights. Most headlights are yellowed in the outside IF they don't have any cracks or leaks.
  8. I've got several questions. First, Does anyone have a MSD ignition system on their SC400 out there? Did you install it yourself? New york SC400 owners, where do you get your car modded in NY or NJ, engine wise? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. Well, I tried the lights again. They came out pretty good this time. The tips I got for you are the following: 1. Take your time. Worst thing to do is rush. You'll get really frustrated. 2. There're three pieces to the tail light...The outside (part that other people see), The end where you plug in your light bulbs and the middle piece. When you take your lights apart, clean as much glue as you can off the end that people see. If not, when you try to stick in the middle part after taking out all the red and yellow pieces you will drag glue and that glue will be visible at night when y
  10. So I decided to clear out my tail lights this weekend. Things were going good but that glue is too messy. When I put the lights back together I ended up with some glue inside the headlight visible from the outside. Not only that, but at the time I could not get my hands on some diffusing plastic so I didn't put it on. I went with a ultra bright red LED brake light and it looks "OK". Being impulsive doesn't pay off. I'm going to put them inside the oven again and re-do it next week. One thing though, the tail light on the right side where the trunk key goes into, I could not get it
  11. I spotted 18 inch SC430 wheels I thought would look good on my SC. Problem is I will be installing LS Calipers and Rotors in the front. Does anyone know if these rims will fit?
  12. I got my hands on a pair of front LS brakes. I'm going to install them on my SC 400 but they won't fit my current wheel. What is the stock offset for the LS400 wheels?
  13. So I got my hands on a set of LS Brakes. I need to know what offset my wheels need to clear the caliper. I know the TT Supra stock wheels clear it. Any info?
  14. I'm in the market to buy new Rims and tires. I really want a staggered fitment but I don't want to jeopardize the anti-lock brakes, treadwear, Camber, Speedometer etc. Would some of you please post what you got installed in your SC?
  15. Any info on where I can get the TT brakes for $550?
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