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  1. Thanks a ton fellas. That advice will save me a nice piece of change. That's definately something I can handle myself. Peace-
  2. The tranny fluid in my '93 SC400 is due for a change (I've had the car for 3 months) and I was considering letting the dealer do it - until i got the $155 estimate - but would much prefer doing it myself. The guys at the lube shop wouldn't even touch it though. They made it sound like you needed some sort of special certified traning for it. What more can there be besides draining the old fluid, changing the trans fluid filter, and refilling the fluid? Is this something i may need the ($120+) repair manual for? Or should I just part with the loot and let the professionals handle it?
  3. Likewise to SelF_SoaReR, it should'nt be too hard to do. I did it on my 91 Integra. But I got my replacement part from a scrap yard for $10 or so. It was hard enough finding a G2 (second generation) Teg in a scrap yard, so I'd probably not waste my time looking for an SC to scrounge parts from. Short of a deep internet search, get ready to fork over some pocket change to the dealer.
  4. Okayyyyy. I gues I kinda set myself up for that one. :whistles:
  5. '93 SC400 - Everythings fine driving on moderately bumpy roads, but whenever I go over larger than normal highs or dips (speed bumps, steep driveways, etc.) I hear short, rub/squeak type noises coming from the suspension on every bounce. I don't know when (or if) the stock shocks and/or springs were replaced. I've only had it a couple months. Has anyone experienced this before? I tend the think the control arm bushings have never been touched on this car. The sound makes me think they may be dried out. thanks.
  6. Hey, I've got a question that's been bugging me ever since I got my SC a couple months back. The very first time I test drove an SC, back in '92, I'm almost positive I heard a distinct series of electronic bells and tones go off the moment the ignition key was turned. I seem to remeber the chime-like tones increasing in pitch as the dash lights all lit up and both the rpm and mph needles did a little 1-second bounce from 0 to limit, then back to 0. That really stuck with me. But now i'm left wondering if it really ever did that at all - because my car has never done it when I turn the ig
  7. That's kinda what I figured. So, was it a standard item - and most people have just snatched them out? What year did they start offering it? - Not that I want to get one. I'll take your word on the pop-spillage thing. The last thing I need is pop all in the my console. thanks!
  8. What exactly is that device on the dash console just to the right of the AC & stereo unit? For the three years I had spent searching ebaymotors, and others in search of my SC400 (before I was in a position to actually buy one), I noticed something that some SC interiors had but most didn't - that curvy looking piece of dash accessory mounted vertically on the dash. My SC doesn't have one. I use the empty space to put stuff in, like parking passes. I was once lead to believe that this piece was an aftermarket pop-out cup-holder (or post-production dealer accessory). I've
  9. Sorry for the delay, but here are the pics I promissed (I hope - this is my first time posting pics) Well, since there's a 100k pic posting limit, i'll try and do them over several replies.
  10. ← I bought a dash kit from exotic wood dash for my LS 430 and was extremely dis-appointed. The color was off and the grain in the wood wasn't even close. There was a part that was damaged when I received it 2 and a half months ago that they still have not replaced Don't deal with them. Being a glutton for punishment I ordered a kit for my SC 430 from Joshua Tree. Again the wood grain wasn't even close, no burl wood grain just a straight grain and the fit was horrible. ← Well, I did consider ordering from that site at first ( but decided not to go
  11. I don't know how many of you all have considered a wood dash kit for your SC, but if you haven't I highly recommend one. I just got mine (after about a 14 day wait for them to make and ship it) from Wood Dash Experts. WHOA! :D I can't say enough about how much it does for the cockpit/console of the car. I'ts like I'm sitting inside someone's Jag XJ8 or something. I remember seeing one of these in an SC on ebay motors about a year ago and decided that when I finally get my SC "I'm definately getting one". For some reason though, I was thinking it was an expensive dealer option that
  12. Not sure about any lifetime warranty on seatbelts. I suppose I could call Lexus and find out, but given that they're not really "broken" I'm not sure if cleaning or "re-tensioning" would be covered in it. Not to mention, I think I'd rather just do it myself and not bother with the whole "make an appointment, drop your car off, take a loaner, and pick it back up later" thing just for a seat belt. The dealer in my area stays quite busy. Plus, I'm a real "hands-on" type of guy. I like taking things apart. I did a head gasket and valve stem seal job on my '91 Integra a couple summers ago. I
  13. Yeah, I kinda figured that I might need to buy a whole new seat belt assembly. (Not gonna happen). I'll just try the clean & lube option. After 11 years, there's probably a good amount of dust and stuff down in the tensioner mechanism anyway.
  14. Is there any way to strengthen or add more tension to the seat belt tensioners? I've got a '93 and the driver's side seat belt just doesn't snap back like I think it should. Half the time I end up having to "help" the seat belt back into the tensioner. I haven't taken anything apart to look at it yet (once I do, an solution may be easier than I think), but I just thought I'd ask to see if anyone here has bothered with this before. thnx.
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