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  1. Well, I bought my mast online after finding a place by just searching lexus sc anteanna mast. It was 50 bucks. My friend who works at the dealer could get it for 80 bucks, so, logically, I just got it online :). Now if you had to replace the whole motor because the motor was bad, I dunno.
  2. I have a 93 sc300 and Just replaced the antenna mast becasuse the platic snapped off. It works great but in the process I found a wire that looks like it has the end of a coaxial cable comming out fom about the bottom driver side rear window. Anyone know what it is and if it can be used for anything? My guess is maybe its from the window antenna? Thanks
  3. Ok, so my passenger door lock does not lock or unlock when you press the button. You have to manually lock and unlock it. First it was intermitternt, then you could only lock, then it only twitched, and now it doesnt move. I took off the inner door and the plastic to see the actuator. But I don't know how to take the actuator out. Looks like the window guide is in the way of it. Any ideas on how to get it all out? Can't seem to get the bolts out from the window guides. I have a 93 sc300 and aparently this is a common problem. Anyone done this repare before? Thanks.
  4. Good luck changing the speakers. I changed out all the mid ranges to infinity reference ones. I found this guide to be very helpful. Have fun!
  5. yeah! count me in!!! can someone find me first and lead the way? :(
  6. Not flippin out, I got my car as a 17 year old in high school. A beautiful nearly perfect over prced 93 sc300... although I am spoiled and my parents cracked and bought it for me as a culmination gift of multiple birthdays, christamas's and graduation... I will be a full time student this fall working towards a Bio Engineering degree and an eventual PhD. Wanting to get into pharmaceutical research
  7. It's always sad no matter the animal. 21 chickens-love my chickens, the best animals in the world 3 cats 1 foot long gold fish 3 normal gold fish 6-12 fish for tututle food 2 red eared sliders (turtles) 2 beatas, red one named blue fish, blue one named red fish. a tank of small guppies used to have soo many more... anyone interested in some chickens? selling them for 5 dollars each because when I go to school this fall I won't be able to keep my egg business running. :(
  8. I'd like to know too. I went to car toys looking for cd players and they told me a bunch of stuff I didn't konow if I should beleve. They said that installation would be 150 for the custom made holder thing, then the 40 for the materials fee, then because the car is a 93sc, they would have to take out the amp in the back because the players all had built in ones, then becaue of that, they said I would need to get a new amp because otherwise my sub would not work, then went on to reccomend me to get a new sub with the amp for better performance... (adding in his "fact" that most subs that age in the car don't work anyways *cough cough* --it's fine ) ...That all seemed a bit extensive, and one thing I didn't understand was why I needed a new amp if there is already one in there... All I want to do is to play the one or two mp3 cd's and some of my collection numbering oh a dozen!!! I didn't think it was that hard! Man... sorry for ranting, was just shocked
  9. may be a bit off topic but, has a washington meet at gas works park planned for the 13th of august if you're interested. You may get to see other peoples cars if it works out well. here's the thread.
  10. If the front of my car makes a squeak squeak squeak after goiong over a big speed bump at like 5mph does that mean I have to replace the control arms and bushings? or is that just me moving too fast?
  11. darn... then that means I must make a ton of money, buy over some companies, and purchace a cargo ship and some containers to some how smuggle a car... or if I ever got that much money... just get it legally. :D
  12. well, i gave up on trying to pot an immage so I set my personal photo to be it, just click on my name. sorry
  13. any suggestions ont he suspension set up and the cost? I know very little... and the rotors, if I wait till they go out, my dad will buy them for me when it comes time to changing them :D spoiled I'm not sure how to post a pic, but the pic on the avatar thing is my car with the wheels...
  14. Oh yeah, forgot one, this should be #3 A quality intake that won't compromise gas milage, if that is affected.
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