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  1. Just tell UHaul the car model and they’ll do the test. 2” hitch for my 2022 RX 45Oh is great. I do not have the rear kick sensor — Hitch installation may inactivate it.
  2. UHaul installed a 2” hitch on my 2022 RX 450h. It looks great — very unobtrusive — and works great with my Thule bike rack. When I first put the car in reverse with the bike rack in place, it said BRAKE! and applied the brake. When I turn PKSA off, the rear sensors don’t light up on the display but the brake is still applied. When I turn PKSB off, the rear sensors light up on the display but at least I can reverse without the brake slamming on
  3. My need for a trailer hitch is solely for a hitch-type bicycle rack. I’m amazed that Lexus does not have a factory 2 inch trailer hitch, but U-Haul says they can do it no problem. (Lexus does have a factory available trailer hitch, but it’s for a ball type mount).
  4. (please excuse the spelling and grammatical errors. Guess I should type instead of dictate)
  5. Hmm, I’ll have to see what they mean by trimming an appearance panel. Thanks for pointing that out. I prefer conscientious to just Koncius, but might have to settle for the latter. I’d prefer a conscientious to just conscious, but might have to settle for the latter. Talked to Curt customer service and they were extremely unhelpful. Just said they didn’t have anything available, and had no additional information.
  6. Thanks for the informative reply. UHaul’s website says they can install a trailer hitch on a 2022 RX 450h; wondering if I should just go with that.
  7. If you tell me that these questions have been asked and answered, would you mind providing a link? Really want to put a trailer hitch (to hold bike rack) on about-to-be-purchased 2022 RX 450h (not F-sport). Dealer says I can’t do this if car has kick sensor, and that this would interfere with rear bumper sensors. Ok, it may obstruct bumper sensors while rack is on car. Aside from that, any reason I can’t install a trailer hitch? To complicate things, Lexus has a towing package available, and they apparently offer a hitch that accepts a “trailer ball” (probably not the right term). Also wondering if installing some thing like a Curt hitch will void the warranty, or void a lease agreement. Would hate to have to buy a different car, but I need to carry two e-bikes, which are too heavy to put on the roof. Thanks for your help.
  8. Would appreciate some help regarding 2022 RX 450h F Sport ride quality and seats. I test-drove the non-F Sport model and liked it, but the dealer did not have an F Sport I could drive. He described the F Sport ride as “better and sportier,” so I ordered the F Sport. Subsequently, I’ve read that the F Sport ride is harsher and that the seats are less comfortable, and I’m having buyer’s remorse. Don’t know if this makes any difference whatsoever, but I’m 69 years old, 5‘5“, 125 pounds. Opinions / advice would be appreciated. Apologies if this question has been asked and answered; I’m new to this group.
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