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  1. Hi guys, My uncle told me about a time when he stopped and came to a complete stop and was pulled over by an officer. The officer showed up to the hearing and my uncle lost instantly. How can you PROVE that you came to a complete stop? It's your word against an "law enforcer's word" and you're appealing to a judge who is also supposed to uphold the "law". Whether or not you actually came to a complete stop or not (and cops can be pricks because they just don't like young Lexus drivers "because we have money"), it will be hard to argue the case in your favor if the officer shows up and the judge isn't having a good day. I live in OC too....and it would really suck if you were in Irvine at the time (Irvine cops are the worst).
  2. Hi, I was wondering, how much would you guys pay for a 95 SC400 with 121K miles that's in "good" condition on hte outside (minor scratches, nicks, etc)....and the interior is clean, with the exception of the worn leather (no tears, just cracking....)? (All maintenance has been performed and the tires are new) I've already run KBB and such and now I just want to get a more information from you guys... Thanks
  3. I think you should force Lexus into replacing your Cd changer, assuming that other cars of your generation can read CD-Rs. I have a 95 SC with the 12 disc changer, and no problems exist at all regarding burned CDs.
  4. Hi My 95 SC4 had its tires replaced at Costco with Bridgestone Traction T/A V a while ago when the car has 109K miles. At that time, we argued with the tfire center manager over pricing (we had a special deal with the STORE manager since the tire center screwed up the order by ordering two tires instead of the 4 that we were told had arrived--called twice to confirm). After all of the tires were installed, the tire center manager wrote in the record that the car had bad alignment wear, and the car really does not and he said that any "rapid/irregular wear will void all warranties" (I had a mileage warranty for 60K and all of Costco's other included warranties). What should I do about getting that phrase voided because the car doesn't have bad alignment wear?
  5. All of the "snail from a start" comments made me decide to not race him in the SC.
  6. Not to be critical, but you should return it if possible and use Toyota Type T-IV. I have read however that Dex III relplaces Dex II also. Safest bet is to use Type T-IV from your Toyota or Lexus Dealer.
  7. Can a 01 VW Golf 1.8T (turbo) with I believe 150hp w/ 30K miles beat a 95 SC400 stock w/110K miles? Input please....My friend said he could whoop me..I'm hoping he's wrong. I want your guys' opinion...I'm guessing not in the sense that my car is heavy and it has 250 HP that's been through 110K miles...
  8. How does the A/c pull the water out of the air?
  9. I would shop around at toher dealers to see if you can get a lower price, but between the two, i'd spend the 150 more and go with the dealer+loaner car....and u'll get taht 12month/12K warranty.
  10. I didn't know we had to let our cars warm up...i believe the manual does not condone it.
  11. High idle=more gas consumption/"excessive engine wear".....but nothing other than that right? like no technically defective part?
  12. The engine in my 95 SC400 has a high idle (1500 RPM) when it first starts up, usually, after 5-10 seconds or so, it'll drop to less than 1000 RPM, most of the time it'll do that. There's also a strong smell of burning gas coming from the exhaust (more noticable than before). What could have caused this sudden high idle?
  13. It might mean that your throttle body needs a cleaning. I know of a 2000 Honda Odyssey that has a has a sticking throttle and the TB needs to be cleaned.
  14. wow..really makes me think..gotta run carfax.
  15. Where should I do a tranmission flush for my 95 SC400 with 110K miles? My independent mechanic recommended that I do it, my last transmission oil "change" was at 80K miles. I know I should flush it, so where should I do it--at the dealer or what?
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