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  1. OK, just want to make sure here that I have got this figured out from everyone's previous posts: I am referring to the 1994 ES 300: There are Three O2 sensors (aka Oxygen Sensors aka Air Fuel Sensor) They are named: Bank 1 Sensor 1 (Located between the Firewall and Engine) Bank 1 Sensor 2 (Located on the exhaust pipe after the Catalytic Converter) Bank 2 Sensor 1 (Located between the Engine and Radiator) This is the Bank 1 Sensor 1 O2 Sensor (2 pictures): (Sensor is between Firewall and Engine) (Sensor is lit up with my flashlight) This is the Bank 2 Sensor 1 O2 Sensor: I did not get a pic of the Bank 1 Sensor 2 (Too cold outside...and I do not have any ramps or jacks) Did I get this right or did I really hose this up? I have to replace B1S1 (between Firewall and Engine) per the Lexus dealer (CEL light lit-wont pass inspection); can I just replace this sensor or do I have replace both B1S1 and B2S1 (the two before the catalytic converter) or all three at the same time?? Thanks in advance!!
  2. Can't say much about "looking reliable" BUT... Remember the days when you could jump on the hood of your buddy's 1966 Pontiac Catalina and sleep on it without crumpling the sheetmetal...
  3. ah...i've never tried it when a message was on the screen... I agree, I really wish it controlled something on the stereo (i like the stereo controls on the steering wheels on the newer models) I usually leave it on Tank MPG (to berate me from performing lead-foot) My average speed is like 37MPH (i work from home so i don't fight the commute, when i do travel it is on a freeway many times) I use trip A to track my MPG manually although the computer does a good job of it also (just rounded to the nearest mile instead of a tenth of a mile); i do like the fact that the computer does not erase this data after filling up the tank UNTIL you drive off (in case you forget to write it down before you fill up) I've noticed that the computer's calculated MPG is about 1.0-1.5 better that what I work out by hand (im getting 24.84 MPG on the freeway and 18.97 MPG "in the city"). Compare this with my 1994 ES 300 (20.84 city and 26.47 highway) and i'm still not afraid to take out the V8 over the V6 w/ gas prices the way the are (yet). I use trip B to track my miles between oil changes.
  4. I dont remember the year model of her car but my GF in 1986 had the oscillating fan thing in her Mazda 626 back then...
  5. It has a car phone but I think all the controls for it are on the other side of the steering wheel The MODE button cycles the dash computer through the various mileage/timer/MPG settings and RESET does as it advertises I figured that FUNCTION would cycle the computer between Imperial and Metric but it does no such thing on any setting...
  6. What does The FUNCTION button on the steering wheel (right above the MODE and RESET buttons) do? No mention of it in the owner's manual...
  7. 1976 Chevrolet K5 Blazer, with full-time 4WD. Ate U-joints like it was going outta style. Spent more time underneath it than in it. Got like 6 MPG (350 V8 of course). But gas was like 65 cents/gallon back then...
  8. I user a California Dash Duster and it seems to work great. Just dont use it near any fabric (like your speaker covers on the LS...the red threads will stick to it)
  9. I definitely like the color...
  10. Nice ride SK!! I know what you mean about it rolling in the that respect it does not behave like the ES. Everything else about the car is awesome though! I have the round amber fog lights on my 94 ES and they really make a difference at night (even with the Sylvania Silverstars for headlights); but on the LS, the standard stock fog lights (mine are white/clear) are so dim that I can turn them off and not even notice any difference with the HIDs turned on. Do you think its worth looking into making the fogs on the LS the same amber lighting as the 94 ES?
  11. Once we are done dodging Hurricane Emily (it has been raining all week now); I'll get a group photo of both cars. Checked the seat heater connections underneath the seat and they all appear to be connected. If i get some time this weekend I'll try to troubleshoot it some more. Thankfully seat heaters in Texas are mostly a nice-to-have option... Now Ive got to make room in the garage so that both cars will fit!
  12. Thanks to all who have posted on this board...I have been studying it for weeks! Finally decided on a 98-00 LS to join my 94 ES 300. It took me almost 6 weeks but i finally found a Pearl White 1999 with 83K miles and pretty much in flawless condition (the only problem is that the front driver seat heater is inop). The only annoying thing that I have discovered owning two Lexuses now is that both keys fit in the same ignition switches (I keep putting the ES key into the LS and vice versa and wondering why the ignition switch wont turn!!) :chairshot: thanks again!
  13. Went to buy some more Lexol at the store and they had another product called Lexol NF (Neatsfoot) Leather Dressing; did a search for it and did not find anything. Was wondering if anyone else had used it and what kind of results they got with it