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  1. I've been using 87 octane in my 2010 RX450H for 6 months now. I have 11,000 miles on it. Not one noise or complaint to share. It rides fine. At the end of the day Lexus is nothing but a Toyota! Don't be silly or think you are in a Mercedes Benz. Its a Toyota with better marketing. LOL!
  2. "premium fuel (octane 91 or higher) is strongly recommended" No where does it say "MANDATORY" . My cousin a real Dealer told me 87 is fine. I can "strongly recommend" you need a hair cut, but do you really? I have been running my 450H on 87 for 8 months now. All is unremarkable!
  3. I have been using 87 octane for the last 3 months. I see no difference. After my third tank my mileage combined is the same 28mpg. I did lots of checking before I did it. The lexus mechanics told me "luxury" cars always suggest premium fuel to act like they are in the league with Mercedes or BMW. (My experiences tell me Lexus is not in that class, however they market that way.)
  4. Hello, I think an extended warranty is the way to go. With 70,000. mi. issues will turn up. I purchased an extended lexus plat. 7yr 100,000 mi for my 450H. You can shop for a good deal. My brother, has a S550 Mercedes and he saved a bunch over the MB Plan by going with AAA. Its very reputable and the price is very decent. Be carful most extended companies are frauds and will be out of business before you can use them.
  5. Hear are reviews on the Yoko's
  6. If its not too late check out this tire. it's rated top over any other including michelin. I had the Bridgestone's also on my 450H, they were horrible!!
  7. All you need to know........ Highest rated ! Michelin and Bridgestone Stink PERIOD !!!
  8. I would take your documents (evidence for FRAUD, by carfax!!) contact your State Attorney Generals Office and explain whats going on. Also get a good attorney who deals with class acyion consumer complaints. You are on to something big here. I would also contact your local ABC TV station if they have an investigative reporter. I always had suspicion on carfax and now I see the evidence.
  9. I would go on record with your dealership and complain. Call Lexus official customer 800#. Document, if no satisfaction, take out a small claims complaint in your local court house. Also go to your BBB on line and file a complaint about what happened. You will get satisfaction. Everyone should be doing this. Its becoming clear to me that Lexus is no better that Chevy! Its all smoke, mirrors and a con-job! Remember: THE SQUEAKY WHEEL GETS THE OIL!!!
  10. My brother's last Mercedes Benz was a 550 he purchased a couple of years ago cost him $3,000.for the extended factory warranty. Would you believe that he used that warranty several times and the total saved was $14,000.00 He has a deductible for $100.00 The deductible just ran out and he traded the car for a new one in July. My brother in law has several BMW's same story. I purchased from Toby the Platinum 100,000/7 year no deductible. In a RX450H with all the electronics its a must. I think its good insurance and I saved 33% off retail.
  11. The engine needs to get more miles on it. It will not get high miles out of the factory. My mileage improved at 5200 miles. Now I'm getting 32 city/ 28-30 highway. Give it a chance to break in and enjoy it.
  12. Has anyone been able to get a Lexus Safety Connect discount discounted in the same way as the Platinum Warranty? If so do you have the contact information and what it cost? I know there are multi-year discounts, however they are very small . Perhaps there is a dealer out there who sells the subscriptions at a real discount. This is the "discount pricing the dealers" afford. 1 yr - 139.95 2 yr - 265.91 (13.99) 3 yr - 392.56 (27.29) 4 yr - 515.02 (44.78) 5 yr - 643.77 (55.98) Its not a great savings. I'm not interested in "Enform" it seems like a wasted service. I have no use for it. Ho
  13. Here in the Lexus Manual....... Take a look at page 398-399. "If premium gasoline is not available & If 91 rating gasoline cannot be obtained, you may use unleaded gasoline with an octane rating as low as 87 (Research Octane Number 91).
  14. Here in the Lexus Manual....... Take a look at page 398-399. "If premium gasoline is not available & If 91 rating gasoline cannot be obtained, you may use unleaded gasoline with an octane rating as low as 87 (Research Octane Number 91).
  15. Go to PepBoys or any auto store and you can buy a license plate frame with a metal back plate. Its sold in one package together. about $20.00 You can purchase new screws with bolts to secure your plate at the bottom. If you do this you woun't ever have a bent plate. I have it on my 450H. It works perfect and looks great.
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