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  1. I currently have 24K on my OEM Goodyear tires and am ready to buy new tires in the next few weeks. I've read a lot of good things about the Bridgestone Alenzas, but on Tirerack website (has anyone ordered from them?), they also list the Yokohama AVID V4S, the Goodyear Fortena Triple Tred, and the Kumho Road Venture APT K51 as good tires (ratings from consumers are approx. 8.4 to 8.6 out of 10). Thoughts?
  2. Have Lexus Service reduce the sensitivity setting for the tires. I had the same problem. I checked the tire pressure on all my tires (well, I didn't think about the spare tire, but....) Anyway, I brought it into Lexus because the warning lights were driving me crazy. Anyway, Lexus Service changed the warning sensitivity from 30 psi to 25 psi and now all is OK. Apparently they recommend the tire pressure to be 34 and the low tire warning to be 30 psi, but in the cold weather, it causes the warning to go off sooner.
  3. I also have the Matador Red Mica - and in fact was the first one in the DC area. I love it! None of the 2005/2006/2007 model colors really did anything for me, and as soon as I saw the Color swatches in the 2008 brochure, I knew that the Matador Red was the one I wanted. It sure is a great color!!
  4. Hi there. I agree! I also have a new 2008 RX400h and love it for all the same reasons. And, you didn't even mention COLOR. I got the Matador Red which I was a bit nervous about at first, but people that I don't even know are noticing it and giving me positive "wows!" So, yes, I'm also feeling very good about this decision. FYI - I'm at 700 miles and 24.9 MPG. I'm going to run it up to 1000 miles and then restart the calc.
  5. Don't know about the Smoky Granite Mica, but I just bought a Matador Red 2008 RX400h and it's beautiful! But, good luck on finding your car, there aren't many out there right now! Maybe they can special order it for you?
  6. What did you pay for your new 2008 RX400h?
  7. The suggested retail price didn't change from 2007, and the pricing was very good at the end of August during the sale. So, what kind of pricing is everyone on the East Coast - DC/NJ finding now?
  8. Does anyone know if the Apple iPhone Bluetooth technology work with the RX 400h Navigation System?
  9. Thanks Gotti for the color swatches. You're the very first one to post them out there. I've been trying to decide whether to buy the 2007 model with great $ discounts, or brave it out and wait for the 2008 model. The huge selection of colors makes me glad I've waited, although I still wonder about the release date? August 1? Sept. 1? FYI - it looks like I have the same dealer package for both 2008 RX models. However, mine only had the 2008 colors for the 350 model. The color swatch sheet for the 400h model had the 2007 colors - good through August 2007. So, you are so lucky to get the
  10. Has anyone seen this color yet on the RX350? It seems to be selling very well in the dealerships - meaning, they don't have anything on the lot to see! Photos?
  11. What about the colors for the 2008 model? Does anyone know what those are?
  12. What to do at this point? I got a great price Quote from the Baltimore area for a 2007 model that isn't coming in for a few weeks (I didn't realize they were still shipping them in from Japan with the new ones coming out soon). So, does that mean some of the little quirky things have been fixed? Or, should I still wait and pay a bit more for a new 2008? What's the word - I'm not sure what to do?!
  13. I'm trying to decide whether or not to buy the 400h or 350 and saw on the VA DMV site that the 2006 model qualified, but I don't see the 2007. Also, what is the June 30th, 2008 deadline? Is that when Hybrids can't be used in the HOV lanes, or the deadline for buying a hybrid to use in the HOV lanes?
  14. So, does anyone know about Virginia and if the 2007 RX400h qualifies for the Clean Fuel License Plate? And, what about the June 30, 2008 deadline? Does that mean that you can't use the HOV lanes with a Hybrid anymore, or is that the last date of purchasing a Hybrid to use in HOV?
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