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  1. I removed oil filter on my 2010 lexus rx 350, oil cap has been removed but oil is not draining, only few qrts came out, car is on level ground. plz help. thanks

  2. Played golf with auto repair owner who stated many auto makers have this set up. He agreed that if the correction is all metal why wouldn't they correct manufacturing issue. This issue has caused accidents without question.
  3. I received a warranty extension which stated no action was necessary unless oil leak appeared. It clearly stated it was not a recall.
  4. i have a 2011 rx 350 purchased new. The other nite wife came home with oil pouring out underneath car. After finding HOLE in rubber section of cooler hose i researched topic to find in my opinion a clear "set up to fail" design which is to make you bring car in to dealer. Replacement is all metal..The fact that my car dumped 6 qts of oil into environment and the attitude of dealer as if this is no big deal was insulting to say the least..Lexus has extended warranty on this matter so i warn you to investigate for yourself. This is highly dangerous to the driver and the engine. My respect for Lexus will never be the same! Car had to be towed into dealer on friday and now they say there is other damage..note: i do most work on my cars (5) and feel it would have been easier to do myself..Lexus should be ashamed!!!!
  5. I have the weatherTech cargo mat and it's very good..Also have the weatherTech floor mats which are very good especially for the winter due to having deep grooves to collect water from snow living here in northeast.. The Lexus oem all weather rubber mats recently came out and they are shockingly thin...But if you want that LEXUS logo you have little choice..
  6. Went to dealer for 5000mi/6 mo service. The place was packed and i was there for an hour and 1/2....Unless you have 10,000 miles all they do is reset the maintanence reminder... I decieded to change my own oil.. Bought Toyota Oil filter tool for $51 from lexus/toyota site. Read u can get one at Walmat for $4. but i'm not using a $4 tool on $45,000 car.. odered oil filter. Ordered case of oil from Lexus sewellparts site 0W20. Oil filter which had directions on side. (comes with 2 rubber gaskets u must change as well as plastic oil drain plug for oil (removal from) filter housing) Searched for pictures of oil change for rx online and saw how oil filter housing works. (it's simple..and brilliant once u understand) It is truly the easiest car to change oil on..My 2000 Honda crv is 100 times harder.. In hindsight: It shows that this vehicle is so well designed it can withstand very little maintanence. ( i have read of people leasing for 3 years and brought the car in once) I bought mine and am in for the long haul.
  7. For anyone looking for Lexus accessories try this site...Directions are at the bottom of most pages.. http://lexus.sewellparts.com/index.php# where did you buy the molding and do they come in various colours
  8. Beautiful Car... And so is the neighborhood!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. installed these moldings myself..as per previous post..
  10. Ordered side moldings from Lexus Sewellparts site, printed directions...purchased 3m solvent (removes wax/dirt), rubber roller(to press on moldings), 2inch masking tape,...Read instructions several times as i was nervous about doing it proper. The first side took me an hour due to measuring (it`s easier to measure in millimeters as both inch/mm are offered in directions) Second side took me 10 min. I bought moldings for $100.. rubber roller tool $15.. 3m adhesive removal spray $12.. Lexus charges in excess of $350 to install. I was very nervous but if you follow directions it's actually quite easy...Also Wear -knee pads- Very important! Bottom Line: I saved money , my car doors are protected and they LOOK GREAT ! good luck to anyone who tries it..it can be done.
  11. installed oem Lexus mud flaps ..As per youe post they were simple to install ...they fit like a glove and look GREAT!! thanks
  12. Was considering installing Mud Flaps on 2011 RX 350. I haven't seen any RX's with them so not sure of look. Read on (excellent)Sewell Parts site they were easy to install.. Also might try to install side moldings. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  13. I live in new jersey and we don't pump our own gas which is only excuse i have as to not having looked at gas cap....good point though
  14. Just wondering did you ever look at the gas cap or the recommendation on the gas door? Quite a few car salesman will tell you anything to make a sale but I have had most tell me to use premium in my cars...
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