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  1. My vehicle rides more roughly now after 55000 miles. I just discovered that the suspension has both strut assembly, plus separate shock absorber. Do struts leak, or just the shocks, and must both be replaced simultaneously? Thanks for advice.
  2. My vehicle has a shelf to separate owners manual, etc, from rest of contents. It must be removed first to gain access to rear panel. Furthermore, my vehicle has no screw clips as some other year models do. My goof. I have a 2010 model, purchased in 2009. If you check on Youtube for 2010 RX350 cabin filter replacement, you'll see my configuration. Lastly, charcoal impregnated filters are in abundance on ebay, amazon, etc. Thanks for your comments.
  3. My filter was never replaced, partly due to its low mileage and my neglect. Not sure what a dealer would charge, but after looking at a video on YouTube decided to do it myself. I bought a Toyota OEM filter ( Part # 87139-YZZ03 ) on ebay from Superstition Springs Lexus of Arizona for $30. It is a charcoal type filter, and supposedly a specification unit. I had a difficult time removing the shelf to gain access to 2 more panels to remove the old filter. Although I followed the suggested way to do that, it took all my strength to break it free from the compartment floor. Upon completing the relatively easy removal of the filter, I tried to insert the new replacement one, and discovered it was about 3/4" to wide. Also, the filter"up" arrow was on a side pleat, and not on the front panel. After cutting the filter to fit, the reassembly was simple. I contacted the vendor to suggest they check with Toyota as to the proper filter dimension.but they haven't replied yet. Beware.
  4. Battery has no color indicator port, but thanks for your reply.
  5. My Lexus original replacement battery (part # 0054-MF24F-575) does not need maintenance according to service advisor. Unlike the original unit which had several screw-type caps, this battery has 2 solid rectangular shaped caps which cover the electrolyte ports. Is this truly a maintenance-free feature? They don't seem easy to lift off, and I don't want to damage the battery by prying them up....but I'm a little skeptical that it never needs to have fluid level checked, etc. Any thoughts or experience with this or other "maintenance-free" batteries. Thanks in advance.
  6. Ken, dealers are purportedly not selling as many cars these days. I suspect most dealers pay for their operating costs through their service areas, so this may explain why the service recommendations and fees are pushed onto us.
  7. Lexus evidently uses cork gaskets for assembling engines. They could use a more durable one that should last the life of the car. Probably would cost them a pittance. Even oil filters have to be complex, rather than simple spin-on canisters. All designs to increase you using the dealers. I doubt I'll ever buy another Lexus.
  8. Recently took my 2010 RX 350 to dealer for oil change prior to taking long trip. Service advisor informed me that my water pump was leaking and needed replacement, after only 43000 miles. Not wanting to take chance next day on planned trip, I succumbed to an outrageous replacement charge of $935, of which $700 was for labor ( a 2.5 to 3 hr task ). In addition, I was shown that my timing cover is leaking and needs resealing ( only a $ 2740 +tax job! ) Supposedly the engine must be pulled out to do this job. In my area there are few independent mechanics. It seems today that many people are sort of forced to use dealers for repairs. My suggestions to you readers are to not wait until just before a long trip to have service, and try to find a good honest independent wrench who you can patronize. Perhaps a toyota dealer might be less expensive otherwise?
  9. I followed the instructions in my user manual ( pg. 161 )to remove subject display, but it still appears. My manual says to press Menu to blank display, then press and hold odometer button for 7 seconds while simultaneously activating ignition switch to ON mode, , and maintenance message will be deleted. Any siggestions?
  10. I am having trouble cleaning the inside of mu 2010 RX 350 windshield. There seems to be a film perhaps due to ductwork outgassing, and smears remain after several attempts to get it smarkling clean. I've used windex, Simple Green, vinegar, microfiber cloths and newspapers after applying cleaner, and still cannot get the glass crystal clear. When sun is shining, you really see the smears. Anyone experienced this, and/or know of an effective product? If only the old pink Glass Wax was still around!
  11. Thanks, Rottboy. If only all of life were so easy! Bill
  12. My son noted that the curb side small access panel on the front bumper of my 2010 RX350 was hanging open, being tethered by a plastic cord. There are two of these panels, one on each side, and are about 2 inches by 3 inches. He said the inside looked like perhaps a hose connector mechanism, but as he was in a hurry was only able to snap it back into place. Upon my later inspection, I do not see any external damage, but have not been able to unsnap it to look internally. I would like to know if there is something behind the panel that might be of critical importance that someone may have stolen, and other than manual removal what possibly could have caused it to pop open? Any ideas, please let me know. The vehicle operates normally, and no noises have been generated. Thanks in advance. Bill
  13. As my vehicle is now over 4 yrs oldI, I will soon need to replace it's battery. I prefer to not wait until it gives out. Does anyone know if the Lexus replacement battery at dealerships is any better than say a Diehard, and if the cost is drastically greater than one bought at a local store?
  14. The suspension is probably the biggest disappointment for me. Often in making 90 degree turns where the road has any minor bumps the vehicle rocks side to side. On straight roads, any irregularity is felt more than I like. Reducing the tire pressure to 30PSI improves the ride quality, but the side-to-side rocking is still quite pronounced. I have the standard suspension with 18 inch rims, so tire sidewall height(flexibility)is not an issue. I waited until the new independent rear suspension came out in 2010, anticipating the elimination of solid rear axle tramping which affects handling and ride. So much for the wait.
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