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  1. Only one thing I dislike...unable to make phone calls and look up address on Navi while driving. I am sure more pet peeves will surface as I own the car longer.
  2. Hi everyone, I just took delivery of the Rx last night. It's an amazing ride. Comfort level and convenience features are unreal. It is truly another level compared to ML and X5. Having said all that, I am still not completely satisfied with the suspension setup. Even with the sport package, the car still floats and sways during spirited driving. I notice that there're Eibach spring kits for older generations Rx. Has anyone considered or have already lowered their Rx? If so, please post some feedbacks and pictures. With the proper suspension setup, I believe Rx will be in a leagues of its own. Btw, brakes feedback is much improved compared to previous generation. My father used to own the Ultra Premium Rx350 (2007 model). Overall 2010 model is a huge step up. Another happy customer!
  3. My Rx comes with the sport package which comes with sport calibrated steering and suspension. I like it a lot. It's not harsh at all compared to my wifes IS-F package IS250. One comment my wife made recently was the car "sways" a lot, especially if seated in the rear. I wouldn't mind if Lexus would firm up the suspension even more and thicken the sway bar to elevate the Rx's performance on par to say Infiniti Fx or BMW X5.
  4. I never saw an RX with the option. I drove a (very fast) Corvette with the Heads-Up display (where you really have no time to look down at the dials) and find it to be great. I have the head-up display in my Rx. It comes with the sport package. I really like it. It's not obtrusive to my line of sight. It provides essential information. Without doubt it enhances the passive safety of the already rock-solid Rx.
  5. I agree with everything said. I've had many cars before, including 335xi and M3. Those cars, without doubt, stipulate premium fuels because of their high compression ratios and turbo. Having said that, Lexus 3.5L engine is essentially the same as Highlander. It's marketing gimmick to make people believe they've purchased a Lexus and it "deserves" to be fed premium fuel. I consider myself a car aficionado. I will never cheap out on gas to risk damaging the engine. But I firmly believe the Rx can and will take regular fuel with little to no decline in performance. I've read an older post, which is now locked, regarding the prospect of using regular fuel. The person who broached this topic got flamed. Although a few bucks saved for every fill up seems inconsequential, this amount sure beats the interest you garner from the bank nowadays. Food for thought :) You've provided some very good information here (i.e., that the Highlander engine is a doppelganger for the RX engine). You'll hear from some that you are doing horrible things to your engine running 87 octane; why would you risk expensive damage just to save 20 cents a gallon?; etc. etc. yada yada yada. Your logic is correct; virtually the same powerplant tuned to make slightly more power output if you run higher octane fuel. Who wants to spend thousands more for a Lexus and have it reported that it is only as powerful as it's Toyota brethren? I've run 87 octane in three RXs now for well more than 100k miles (some miles at wide open throttle right up to redline) and never heard a ping, a knock, a bang, etc.; every owners manual recommended 91 octane or better (but how much better? - I can get my hands on 112 - should I run this instead?) And I've always been pretty impressed at the power output - never a sign of compromise from my vantage point. The 2010 engine is very impressive. My opinion: high octane and 5 horsepower is just marketing BS. The owner's manual does not "prohibit" you from running 87 octane; only recommends high octane to obtain best performance.
  6. Hi, I have looked up some specs and found that Toyota Highlander and Rx350 engines have the same displacement, very similar output (favoring Lexus), and compression ratio. I wonder if they are in fact identical but Lexus has modified the software to squeeze out 5 more hp with premium fuel requirement. Thoughts? Given the compression ratio is modest and that the engine is identical to that of Toyota Highlander, I am starting to think that the Rx can accept regular fuel with little compromise with regards to reliability and performance. Ok, I give Lexus that 5hp lol Comments are welcome.