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  1. my 2010 came with a credit card key and traditional key fobs there were no issues getting the credit card key, in fact, when I was in looking at the vehicle the salesman was talking this up as a benefit (which for me, being female, isn't really a benefit, my big @ss purse holds the key fob just fine) :) but my husband loves his credit card key! I say fan the fire, get your credit card key :)
  2. I had a similar issue with mine at around 8,000km - dealer gave me the same explanation they gave you and suggested I replace some filters for $50 a pop. I couldn't understand how with such low mileage this could be the cause, but needless to say I wasn't going to spend a couple hundred dollars trying to replace filters on such a new vehicle. The smell actually stopped happening after a few weeks - not sure what that's about, but hang in there a bit longer and see if yours goes away too?
  3. Argh, aside from the no wait or pause on the bluetooth, this has to be my biggest frustration with my new RX350. I am a first-time Lexus owner and I'm not pleased that Lexus is so silent on such obvious design flaws. I'm guessing from your comments that the dealers aren't much help either?
  4. you can enter the wait or pause, but it doesn't actually work I came here looking and agree with previous poster, doesn't look like there is a solution for this obvious defect yet
  5. Pigs might learn to fly too. My point was just because some manufacturers allow it doesn't mean that all manufacturers are willing to take the risk...or that its a good idea. Most manufacturers lock out nav functions when moving. All kidding aside...its just not going to change. I've been around this company for a long time and I know how they do business. You will never see a Toyota nav system with unlocked controls when moving. One day the voice recognition technology will be there...but until then you're going to have to suffer through it. I don't understand - on my 2010 R350 the NAV
  6. ARGH! yes! I haven't been on this forum since February I think, this has to be my biggest beef with this vehicle. So much for hands-free.
  7. I see you're in Canada, I am as well. Unfortunately for us, XM in Canada is a HUGE PAIN to deal with. Did you only get a 3 week trial? You're supposed to get 6 months....... Hence why my issues with XM started - They deactivated my radio after 3 months - when the Lexus information AND the XM Canada website clearly state that Lexus vehicles have a 6 month free trial in Canada. I think the people in the call centre don't know what to do, they just follow a script - every time they get to a "dead end" trying to help you, the default answer is "contact your dealer" After multiple calls with my
  8. If you can't get your dealer to disable it, don't stress, the chime stops after about 30 seconds. (Don't know if it starts up again though.)
  9. The Canadian Dealer says the short 4 yrs 120,000km extension is only available up front - the other longer ones (5 and 7 yrs) are available any time before the manufacturer's warranty is up (subject to a surcharge). I will take my chances.
  10. thanks for replying Paul - I am going to call today and ask the business manager about waiting to decide about the warranty extension - I did not get the impression from her last week when I signed the papers that this was an option - she was talking about me having until delivery to decide..... probably hard for you to comment since you put so little miles on your vehicle - but how does the RX 350 fare after the standard warranty is up? I'm slightly concerned with all the gizmos and electronics - could be costly if something in that computer goes, no? I am not in Toronto - I'm an hour west
  11. Hi everyone, I am leasing a 2010 RX 350 - I pick it up Saturday! I'm pretty excited, this will be my first Lexus. I am wondering what "the experts" here think about extended warranties - is it necessary? I don't intend to buy the vehicle at the end of the lease (at least I don't think so at this point). In Canada, the standard warranty is 4 years or 80,000km. My lease is 4 years, but I will proably do closer to 120,000km by the end of the lease term. The cost of the warranty is about $2000 (CDN). What do you think?
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