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  1. Take it back to the dealership. There's a new bumper stay/bracket that fixes that issue. Thanks, same problem here and glad to hear that there is a fix as my wife has been on me about it for a month or so.
  2. Same problem here although phones are Sprint branded and are listed as Lexus compatible BT phones. Have tried multiple times to upload "Phonebook" "from phone" and system keeps requesting that I initiate upload and never makes it past that step. The dealer rep stated that the problem was with the Sprint brand. The rep was unable to upload contacts from the phone(s) after multiple attempts and gave up. After that I just uploaded "by voice"
  3. Cool! Actually, the "factory" stored mine in the custom tailored "glove" box. I guess I could store it in the bottom of the big spacious console but would then have take out the sliding tray, box, and the 10 lb manual in order to utilize the aux port, USB input, and power points. Gosh, if I had read the manual I would have been able to find the center console space. Thanks for the tip!
  4. I haven't seen one of those in a car in over a decade... My '06 F250 has it. Pretty handy actually.
  5. I'm speaking of towing something well within the rated capacity of the vehicle if your comment applies to the initiating post. The only added accessory I mentioned is a brake controller with a 7 blade connector--if you purchase a "towing package." This has been discussed ad-nauseam on another thread. After reading replies and comments perhaps the "void" space under the console could be better utilized if Toyota configured it with flip out hinged side "pockets" like the ones in the doors. I would then have a place to stash my trash. I too experience the performance calculator (distance to emp
  6. Our 2010 doesn't have "Nav" package but nevertheless has backup camera. I would ask for price reduction. Just as an aside... I decided against Nav system because a new fully loaded Garmin comes with Blue Tooth, Audio Player, newest maps, Traffic monitoring for life, rerouting, lifetime map upgrades $120, installed camera, Lane Assist, and plenty of other features plus it can be used on multiple vehicles or placed in pocket. No, it isn't as pretty as the built in system but seems like a better deal than paying 4 grand for one as the Garmin was only $369 or so online.
  7. Our 2010 beeps when locking the doors so perhaps it's a programmable setting. Just had dealer set system where all doors unlock when unlocking driver's side. At first thought due "safety" issues perhaps it was a good thing to only have driver's side unlock. But after 3 months use decided it was more practical to have all doors unlock.
  8. Being a three month owner of the 2010 (bought it for my wife) the following are areas we find have room for improvement: No integrated brake controller although we paid for a "towing package" upgrade. I've discussed this on another thread Flat 4 pin trailer towing electrical connector. No provision for standard 7 blade RV style connector. I've discussed this on another thread Location of 12V "Power Ports" and USB/AUX input in bottom of center console hidden under difficult to remove box and tray No external 12V Power Ports except the one in rear cargo area Box and tray in center co
  9. Well, I guess I'm either blind or need a new eyeglass prescription as there is no "cig" lighter outlet nor ashtray in my 2010. There are the 2 12VDC "Power Ports" a USB and audio mini-jack located in the lower part of the center console as well as a 12V power port located in the rear cargo area. Your response prompted me to go out and take another look and nope, no cigarette lighter. Heck, even my old '41 Chevy 1/2 ton has a 6V cigar lighter in the dash but I doubt there were any 6V accessories that were used at the time.
  10. Make it three. The location of the two 12V outlets and the Aux. outlets in the bottom of the center console, requiring the removal of a tray and a box to access them doesn't make sense. If you were only plugging something in once I guess it wouldn't be much of a problem, but pulling all of the junk out to either plug in or unplug seems that very little planning and forethought was given to this power point. The issue of "snaking" wires out of there and draping them over the console just doesn't fly with the other "attention to detail" areas of a fine vehicle. The USB port, being located in t
  11. Attached are photos of the "Dealer Installed" receiver hitch on my 2010. and . Note the Roto-zip cutout of the lower wind valance. Interestingly, there used to be a PIO "Port Installed Option" (which was discontinued in June 2009) for the receiver hitchm but now the "Build your own" states that you should check with your local dealer for pricing.
  12. Exactly. I have of course contacted Lexus about this, as mentioned in my last post. The whole reason I'm asking my question here is because someone else has more than likely made the modification and perhaps would be of some help. And yes, we do get plenty of folks ask if they can tow the teardrop with their Harley; my general response is "yes, but I doubt you could stop it." This trailer is easily towed by PT Cruisers, small wheel based Jeeps (the Willie's style) and other small vehicles so I doubt it would be much of a strain for the RX which do make a striking pair in my view :D Thanks,
  13. Part of the reason we purchased the 2010 RX-350 AWD was the rated towing capacity of 3500 pounds and the excellent service provided by our former Lexus. The RX-350 is heavily marketed as having a 3500 pound towing capacity and I would bet it is a bit more difficult to purchase one without the towing package than with. My view, in conclusion, is that Lexus would be more libel to a law suit should a trailer within the specs was in some manner responsible for either a wreck or power-train damage. I find your logic a bit difficult to digest as it would be difficult to argue that an integrated brak
  14. I posted this question on another thread 7 Blade RV Style Electrical Connector but have yet to receive a response. Why Toyota would install a "Towing Package" but not provide an integrated brake controller seems a bit strange, especially since the RX-350 is rated to tow 3500 pounds. Also, since the "factory" hitch assembly, and I assume the "under the cargo deck" electrical connector, is only wired for a 4 pin flat style connector further complicates the issue of attempting to tow and safely stop a small RV, or charge the RV battery while under tow. Has anyone addressed this problem? If so, w
  15. One of the reasons we purchased the 2010 RX-350 was it's 3500 Pound rated towing capacity. We had the hitch assembly installed as part of the deal. Upon taking delivery we found that the Lexus installed receiver hitch assembly comes with a 4 wire flat style connector. The 4 wire connector will only provide stop lights, LT, and RT blinker functions. Our intent is to tow our small Teardrop trailer (weight around 1200 pounds) which has electric brakes and an internal battery that requires charging. We therefore require an industry standard 7 blade RV style connector assembly which would allow ch
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